10 Tips on how to age gracefully

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9By Aretha Angcao

People have long searched for the secret to eternal youth.  But the truly wise knows that youth is not solely determined by the suppleness of one’s skin or the absence of frown lines on one’s face.  Youth is an indefatigable spirit, a strong mind, and an unwavering love for oneself. For those of you who are still panicking about the thought of leaving your 20s, here are 10 tips on how to age gracefully and help you embrace the beauty of “growing older” and staying eternally young:

1 .Go easy on the makeup.

Nothing looks worse than piles and piles of foundation settling into those fine lines.  Actually, nothing looks worse than foundation that was applied too thickly. Period.

Find the right type of foundation that will suit your skin so that your makeup will serve to enhance, rather than mask your skin.  Also, experiment with eye shadow hues that will complement your skin tone and brighten up your peepers.

10Apply a soft blush on the higher part of the apple of your cheeks.  This will generally give you a younger look in contrast to blush that is applied to a lower portion of your cheeks.  Generally, a “no makeup” makeup look is flattering for anyone at any age during daytime.  For evening, a little smoky eye makeup wouldn’t hurt as long as you pair it with a nude or muted toned lippie.

2. Take up a class.

No one is too old to learn something new.  Having something to be passionate about aside from work will inspire you to live your life to the fullest.   It could be as simple as taking a dance or a language class once or twice a week.  New ideas and skills will keep your mind active and will make you less prone to depression.  In addition, meeting new people will definitely widen your social circle.


3. Dress your age.

Maybe you are still holding on to that frayed acid washed denim skirt you bought when you were 18.  Although it may still fit you perfectly, a skirt that is more than six inches above your knee might best be reserved for the beach.  For now, embrace the idea that dressing a bit more conservatively doesn’t mean looking frumpy or grannyish.  Rather, it is also a sign of a woman who is strong, confident, and classy.


4. Get some sleep.

Gone are the days when you can get by with only two hours of sleep and still like you just came back from a holiday.

When you hit  your 30s, sleep is your new best friend. There is no miracle cream in the world that can erase the lack of sleep from your face. Also, there is no cheaper remedy to tired skin than resting. Eight hours of sleep is recommended but some doctors say that at least 6.5 hours of sleep will suffice. Make your bedroom a safe  haven where you can unwind and reflect on the day. Splurge on the good sheets and pillows. You are worth it!

5. Moderation is key.

We all love to indulge ourselves a little bit, especially when we are too tired from working the whole day.  However, that fourth glass of wine or that second slice of cake might make you feel good for a little while, but might leave you feeling worse the following day.  No one is saying you can’t eat cake or drink alcohol.  But keep it to a minimum.  Remember, moderation is key to staying fit and healthy well into old age.

146. Keep the negative self-talk at bay.

Keep those negative thoughts away by setting aside time for meditation and reflection. A little alone time every day will help in decluttering your mind from worries that can debilitate you and diminish your happiness. Remember that a sound mind, more than a sexy body, is the key to staying young inside and out.

7. Reconnect with the family.

Maybe you have been busy with your career and with your friends when you were younger. Now that you are more stable in your work, relationships, especially those with your parents and siblings, can now be more at the forefront of your life. Maturity helps us understand our parents better and if there are old wounds that need to be healed, now is the perfect time to deal with them.


source: www.nerdwallet.com

8. Read more often.

Choose an author that inspires you and spend at least an hour a day reading his/her work. This will broaden your mind and will let you see the world in a different way. Reading also helps keep your imagination active and helps develop your sense of empathy for other people. Nourish your soul with words and you will never let old age take away your mind and spirit.

9. Exercise regularly.

Experts say that an aerobic workout of 45 minutes for three to four times a week is ideal for everyone. Never let anyone tell you that you are too old to exercise or have an active lifestyle.

10. Love yourself.

The funny thing about growing old is that it actually takes the pressure away to conform to society’s norms. As you get older, you develop your self confidence through life experiences and you really tend to care less about what other people think. There is an inner peace and an acceptance that comes with age, which is usually something that younger people do not yet possess. There you go. Remember that true beauty never fades. As Marilyn Monroe said, “The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she knows. ZH

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