2018 Trendy Gym Clothes

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BY Lyka Mae P. Chiang

Working out can be irritating especially when you’re wearing the wrong outfit. But fret not because you can say goodbye to the ugly icky feeling with these trendy gym clothes that will surely motivate you to work that booty harder.

  1. The Standard Sports Bra and Leggings 

    sports bra


Your good ol’ sports bra and spandex workout leggings never fail to give the snug fit which allows you to move freely while accentuating the body shape. You can never go wrong with this duo, and if you’re just more playful with the colors, you can totally pull off the “cutie yet baddie” look.

  1. Snatch a Boyfriend Tank 



If you’re a wee uncomfortable with showing skin, you can just put a boyfriend tank top over your sports bra and pair them with cropped leggings. This outfit may be a bit too casual but it still gives a fun, snazzy look.

  1. Tie it up 

    tie knot


If you don’t want to wear out your sports bra or there is none available, just take a cozy sleeveless top from your closet and transform it to a tie-knot. I swear, this getup looks effortless yet creative!

  1. Mess with Mesh 



Upgrade your gym wear with a bombshell mesh. It will make you look a hundred times hotter even if you’re just starting to lose weight. The weird thing about mesh is the fact that your skin is covered with cloth but is still peeping through. I mean, is it trying to make you look conservative or is the intention just pure evil? Either way, you should totally go for it!

  1. Crop the Hoodie 

If the weather is too cold for the gym and you don’t want to use that as an excuse for a no-workout cheat day, this totally chic cropped hoodie and legging coordinates are the perfect pieces for you. They’re surprisingly hyped by Instagram models and now, we want one too!



  1. Pair up with Shorts



You can never go wrong with shorts. If you’re not a fan of tight-fitting bottoms, you can always wear shorts to the gym paired with just about any workout top you have in your closet. Yup, it literally goes with everything!


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