4 Diet Types You Can Adopt Other than Ketogenic

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4 Diet Types You Can Adopt Other than Ketogenic 22

By Lyka Mae P. Chiang    

I bet you’ve heard about ketogenic diet. With the rave about it on social media and even by influential people such as Korina Sanchez, there is no doubt many people striving to cut weight would love to try. However, if cutting carbs completely from your diet sounds like something you can’t commit to, then it is safe to say that this diet type is not for you. Fret not because here, we listed some alternative diets that you can follow instead of ketogenic.

  1. Mediterranean Diet

May studies have proven this diet to be beneficial in improving one’s quality of life and lowering disease risk. This diet emphasizes on lots of plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grain, and seeds. It also involves cutting down butter and the use of olive oil and canola oil instead. If you’re a cheese lover like many of us, then this will suit you as cheese and yogurts are the primary dairy foods you can consume. Moderate intake of poultry foods is also acceptable, but you have to limit it to up to two times per week. You may also drink wine moderately.

  1. Vegetarian Diet

As a child, our moms used to tell us to consume more vegetables as they contain numerous health benefits and will help us live longer. You probably never listened like I did. And if that’s the case, then you should think twice about it. Research has shown that consuming a vegetarian diet contributes to decreased body weight, less disease risk, and longer life expectancy. So yup, your mom wasn’t kidding when she told you “Kumain ka ng gulay para humaba ang iyong buhay.

  1. Pescatarian Diet

This diet is similar to vegetarian, only with additional fish and other kinds of seafood as the main source of protein. Many people choose this diet as a stepping stone to being vegetarian. It is found to have drastic health benefits and also contributes to weight loss. Many may think that protein is a great food source if you’re gaining muscles, but as a matter of fact, it can also help burn more calories, reduces appetite to make you eat less, and alters the levels of several weight-regulating hormones.

  1. Weight Watchers Diet

This diet involves a personalized meal plan with a pointing system called SmartPoints. A food’s point value is based on its nutrition. Foods with higher amounts of saturated fat and sugar increase point value while higher amounts of protein decrease point value. It’s totally up to you what meal plan you’d like to follow as long as it doesn’t top your target point per day. An average person keeping this diet starts with 31 points per day and 49 extra points to use within a week. Studies suggest this diet lowers a person’s weight by 2 pounds in a week.

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