4 Things You Should Focus on to Have a Balanced Life

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Dyan Castillejo - Banner Photo 1

By Ma. Vanessa L. Estinozo

Dyan Castillejo has definitely become a household name in sports broadcasting. Jet setting from one arena to the next, this TV sports personality, triathlon runner, and full-time mother and wife is in no way of slowing down.

Now, we can too! These “primary foods”, as what Dyan calls it, will guide you to evaluate four areas of your life. Dyan lays out four things you should focus on to have a balanced life.

  1. Spirituality

Connect with God, pray, and live by His words.  “He knows our body and He’s the one who has the manual on how to operate your body. If we don’t have a connection with the maker of our body, then it could deplete our energy,” Dyan said.

One of her favorite Bible verse is from Philippians 2:13 “For it is God who is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.” Knowing His purpose for us makes us feel more connected to God, directing us to be good and do good.

  1. Relationships

A bad relationship can rob you out of energy. For instance, having a little misunderstanding with your parents or family and carrying that bad blood for the rest of your life (or even just for a day) takes away your concentration and focus on something more valuable.

If you can fix it by being the first to apologize, even when it was not your fault lifts up that heavy feeling that’s been dragging you down. A healthy relationship with the people around you can bring joy and ease in your life.

  1. Career

A job is different from a career. A job is something that you do for a short time just to finance your needs, but a career is life-changing. Working on a 9 –to-5 jobs has unending deadlines, but working on a career only has unending opportunities.

If you’re ever feeling stuck in a place, take a step back and evaluate your life if what you’re doing is leaning towards the career path you want to pursue.  Although sometimes sacrifices are to be made, take the steps that will make you happier when you wake up every day.

  1. Physical fitness

“Move it or lose it,” said Dyan as her motto. Adding that one of the reasons why one’s probably tired is because he/she doesn’t move enough. Physical activity has to be part of our lives.

“I workout to have energy,” she quips. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, as long as you sweat and feel the fats burning, you’re a step closer to being healthy (paired with a healthy diet, of course).

A good connection with God can build stronger relationships with your loved ones that will guide you on your career path, and incorporating physical fitness in our daily lives can make wonders not just for ourselves but also for the people the surround us.  To be empowered, we must find balance in our life to truly be the best we can be as a friend, mom, wife, and as a woman.

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