5 Lessons We Learned from Kris Aquino

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Some may recognize her as the youngest daughter of Ninoy and Cory Aquino who turned into a high-class maarte superstar with a high-pitched, annoying voice and always speaks in conyo language. But forget about the haters because Kris—the one and only—is now dubbed not only “The Queen of All Media” but also “The Queen of Memedia,”  and she is among the Millennials’ favorite titas.

Behind her funny quips and cheerful personality she displays in her talk shows and vlogs are some motivational life lessons we never thought we’d get from her. But in case you missed them, then here are five true to life lessons we learned from Kris Aquino.

  1. Being a single mom isn’t as bad as some people think

Can I rephrase that? Being a single mom isn’t bad at all! We’ve all seen a mother, regardless of age, who is raising her child without a father figure. Yes, it may be hard especially for those who are struggling financially. However, when you have a child to raise, you have to conquer all, and you will, surprisingly.

Kris taught us all that you don’t necessarily need a husband to be able to be a good mother. As long as you have your child or your children as your companion, you are already blessed with the love you so much deserve. Nothing tops the feeling of having a child who looks up to you and thinks you’re the best mom in the world no matter how low you might think of yourself.


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  1. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

You might have noticed Kris’s disappearance on TV recently. After leaving ABS-CBN for good, she signed a contract with GMA but to no avail afterward. Her show “Trip Ni Kris” was aired only as a one-time 2-hour special due to a conflict with the producer which led to the show be discontinued. Everyone thought it was the end of Kris’s showbiz career, but her smart and empowered self didn’t let it take her down.

Kris knew very well how to catch the interest of the masses. She knew that the recent trend of social media is what could help her start anew. And just like that, Kris’s Facebook vlogs have prevailed! Not only are her videos more thoughtful now but she’s also able to showcase the more personal side of her life. And we pick up funny memes from them too. What can I say? We love you, tita Kris!

  1. Fake news are ugly

If you’ve been lurking around the Internet lately, you must have noticed the widespread of fake news that do not seem to be ceasing anytime soon. Naturally for Kris, she’s been receiving criticisms ever since one can remember, that’s why it wasn’t surprising that she has been victimized by fake news, if not a lot. And unlike most celebrities, for her, such wrongdoing isn’t something to be tolerated.

In a Facebook post, Kris slammed a fake news going viral claiming that she will be running for senatorial candidacy after a news that Communications ASEC Mocha Uson will allegedly pursue hers. According to Kris, “Politics isn’t in my brain right now, sa kakagawa nyo ng ganitong balita baka in the end mapilitan akong bilin from Culture Club ang rights to their song KARMA CHAMELEON as my campaign jingle.”

I mean, Kris is known to be taklesa so it was actually brave of them to spread such an awful news about her. Although, I bet the source didn’t expect that Kris would have a say on the issue. Well, I’ll just leave it here—serves you right, sweeties.

  1. It’s okay to go the extra mile when it comes to yourself and your family

We all know by now how much Kris treasures her two sons, and personally, I know for sure that she would die for their sake. And if you see something wrong with or make fun of her for it, then you’re the one who has a problem.

Filipinos, in general, are truly kind and generous when it comes to our family. However, we often forget to take care of ourselves as we want to give all of our best to them. But if you’ve been keeping an eye on Kris, you should’ve noticed by now how she’s walking the extra mile when it comes not just to her family but also her needs.

Treating yourself with something that you love isn’t being selfish. You deserve to enjoy what you’ve worked hard for, and you need to remember that your happiness is as important as your loved ones’. So, do not be afraid and give yourself that satisfaction.

  1. It’s okay to be savage if it means defending yourself

Aside from the fake news backlash Kris spewed on social media, I believe many of us heard about the controversial Instagram post wherein  Kris and Bimby were shown to be enjoying a meal on bed. Apparently, a basher threw shade on them by saying such action isn’t a good example to others.

As witty as she is, Kris responded to the commenter saying, “OMG parang may napatay na ko sa level ng galit mo. Can I send you Chowking halo-halo para you can chill???”

Oops, we think he’ll actually need that Chowking halo-halo for that burn! I mean, how laudable is it that she was able to throw a punch like that while successfully incorporating a product placement? Sorry but Kris wasn’t going to let him get away with such an attitude. And we all love her for defending herself and her son, knowing that they weren’t doing anything wrong. Some people just have too much to say even if they don’t make sense at all. Just let people enjoy things, guys.


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