5 Local Travel Destinations for Single Ladies

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By Lyka Mae P. Chiang

Over the years, the society has been gradually learning that being single isn’t a bad thing at all. Women do not necessarily need men in their lives in order to be happy and perceived as strong, and the same goes around for men. So, if you’re a single female who has an inner wanderlust spirit, do not be afraid to go out there and explore by yourself. Here, we listed some of the top local destinations that will surely take your breath away even when you’re traveling solo.

  1. Coron, Palawan

Going far away from the usual city grind is the prime key to alleviate stress. Coron is a tropical paradise with diverse flora and fauna. Here, you are set to experience pure rural vibes with various fun-filled activities that are totally worth the try. It is best known for its island hopping and kayaking spots, but you can also explore the coral gardens undersea or just lounge by the island’s white sand beaches. If you don’t mind a more action-packed adventure and want to get the best view of the serene town, you should visit the famed Mount Darala where you can hike up to the summit which is also the highest spot in the entire Calamian group of islands. Afterwards, you can plunge into the Maquinit Hot Springs for a relaxing treat after a whole-day of tiring adventure.


(photo: https://flic.kr/p/7BrX38)

  1. Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Go back in time as you stroll along the picturesque streets of Vigan. It is known for its thriving heritage culture and enchanted antique views that reflect the country’s well-preserved history from the Spanish era. Here, you can explore some of the crowd-favorite tourist spots such as the Syquia Mansion, Baluarte, Bantay Bell Tower, among others. The proverbial cobble-stoned street Calle Crisologo is the perfect place to capture your Insta-perfect photo and get souvenirs. If you’d like to get close to nature, you must then cruise along the Mestizo River and feel the tranquil wind blow against your cheeks, sans woe and anxiety. You can surprisingly enjoy all of these in a short period of time, so if you just want a quick weekend getaway that will rewire your brain for an optimistic outlook, Vigan is the place to be.

vigan - bantay bell tower

(photo: https://flic.kr/p/9LLnY8)

  1. Batanes

Batanes is every traveler’s dream destination. It boasts of long stretches of fine-sand beaches and bright green landscape of hills and massive cliffs. Its wonders are so pure and unspoiled that it gives an authentic glance of the country’s abundant natural resources. It’s rich and unique culture showcases fine architecture of ancient stone houses and churches that have survived the strongest mayhems in the history. Due to its elusiveness and authenticity, many local and foreign photographers gallivant the island to witness and capture its strewn attractions.



  1. Sagada

A highland town in the Mountain Province home to thousands of indigenous people, Sagada is the place to fall in love with as you dwell into the nature and interact with its amiable people. It is a discreet town that has gradually opened its doors to tourism and offers a lifelong memorable experience with its fascinating caves, forests, cliffs, canyons, and streams. Keep in mind to be vigilant in exploring these areas, or in order to secure your safety, there are always guides you can hire who can help you avoid possible harm. Moreover, always show respect to the locals and their sacred places and never do anything that will dent their culture. As a rule of thumb, actually, do this in every place you visit. If you just follow these basic guidelines, then you can fully obtain what Sagada has to offer even as a lone wolf.



  1. Davao

Davao is a multifaceted region which offers both urban and rural vibes. Beyond its highly urbanized area are hidden gems frequented by tourists intended to immerse in nature. It has a diverse wildlife which you can witness at the Philippine Eagle Center and the Davao Crocodile Park, discreet caves home to millions of fruit bats, scenic falls, and idyllic white sand beaches. The wide array of food, including its top-pride fruit Durian, will likewise satisfy your hunger at very affordable rates. Friendly tip, if you set your trip schedule around third week of August, you will be able to celebrate the fun-filled annual Kadayawan festival.

davao - samal island hagimit falls


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