6 Everyday Habits to Keeping Fit and Feeling Sexy – without Feeling Deprived or Breaking the Bank

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By Ma. Cristina C. Arayata

Keeping fit and feeling sexy doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank or being deprived of the good stuff. Being sexy and keeping fit begins in the little things done every day. Try these simple everyday habits:

  1. Water

Not soda. Avoid sugary drinks, especially soda, as these would only make you bigger and bigger. Sugary drinks, no matter how we love to drink them, could also put you at risk for diabetes, without you noticing or feeling it. If the munchies for anything sweet are too hard to curb, try fresh fruit and veggie juices.

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  1. Amp up exercise routines

Has exercise taken a back seat because it’s become too dreary? Amp up your routines with newer and more exciting forms like Zumba. Join fun runs and triathlons, if you’re the kind who likes to work out with large groups of people.

Portrait of joyful young attractive woman wearing sportswear, training and jumping with wall in background

Portrait of joyful young attractive woman wearing sportswear, training and jumping with wall in background

  1. Get enough sleep

You may be enrolled in a gym. You may eat fruits and veggies daily and avoid fatty food. But they are not enough. Don’t forget to get a good night sleep. This will not only recharge your body, but will also stave off the extra pounds.

  1. Unwind

Stress begets more (unwanted) weight. Give yourself a break; take a vacation. Remember that there’s always a time for work, and a time to pat yourself on the back and enjoy a well-deserved R&R.

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  1. Eat and eat on time

Don’t skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will only make you feel hungrier that you’ll be craving for more – which may result to overeating during lunch and snack time.

  1. Go natural, go green

You will never go wrong with natural. Stay away from processed food and fast food. Our elementary school teachers were right when they said that our bodies need those “green leafy vegetables.” This also means no sugar substitutes. These will cause you more harm than good.


***This article was originally published in Zen Health Magazine, Post Summer 2014 issue.





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