7 Makeup Tips for a Sweat-Proof Summer Look

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7 Makeup Tips for a Sweat-Proof Summer Look

Annoying pimples? Ugly blemishes? Thin Brows? It’s too hot for makeup? Don’t sweat! Keep that blotting paper away and follow these simple makeup tips instead for a long lasting, sweat-proof summer look.

By Lyka Mae P. Chiang

  1. Don’t Skip the Primer

Primer may seem unnecessary for some people, but the truth is, it is one of the most important things in a makeup routine. Not only it preps up your skin for the products that you’ll be putting on afterwards, but it also minimizes the appearance of your pores, keeps makeup application smooth and even, and holds it for longer wear.

For best oil control primers, look for a silicone based or oil-free ones in the market.

  1. Wear Everything Waterproof

We live in the third millennium era, and waterproof makeups aren’t just a thing anymore, they’re a must! We have waterproof mascaras, eyeliners, eyebrow gels, concealers, and even foundations! Thanks to the high-end makeup technology that just keeps on leaving your bank account empty.

  1. Opt for Tinted Moisturizer or Foundations with SPF

Most tinted moisturizers have built-in ingredients that are healthy for the skin, and fortunately, sunscreen is one of these. It is so important to wear sunscreen for added protection against UV rays, but sometimes, it just gets too hot to wear so many layers on your face. That’s why if you use tinted moisturizers or foundations with SPF, then you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone.

  1. Set Your Base with a Translucent Powder

Aside from using a primer, it is also important to set your base with powder to maintain your look all day. However, on a hot weather day, powder tends to get cakey, and it’s just as bad as having no makeup at all. But thanks to the invention of translucent powder—being colorless and invisible—you can now set your base and get a natural-looking finish.

  1. Bronze and Highlight

Too afraid to bathe in the sun but want a tan? Bronze instead. Not only you will get a natural sun-kissed glow, but it will also give your face a better definition. Then, highlight the top of your cheekbones up to the eye area, in order for the shine to be in the right places. Use a cream bronzer and highlighter first, then set it with powder ones to keep them in place longer.

  1. Use Cheek Stain Instead of Powder Blush

If you prefer a natural blushing skin rather than a tan, then blush may be your best friend. However, say goodbye to your powder blush for now, because if you want a long lasting, blushing cheeks, then you’ll have to use a cheek stain. Unlike with powder blush, you can sweat all day and the cheek stain will still be there since it sticks to the skin much better.

  1. Finish with Setting Spray

Setting spray should be the final step in your makeup routine. It keeps everything in place, prevents makeup meltdown, and makes your skin looking beautifully matte. With this, you can really prolong the adherence of makeup to your face.

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