7 Ways to Spice up your Romance for the New Year

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BY  Lyka Mae P. Chiang

New year yet same old, predictable ways with your partner? Turn the heat on and bring out the passion with these simple tips that would make you and your loved one’s hearts go fluttering with love.


  1. Go on adventures together

Discovering new things and being awed by the world’s wonders can make you both escape from the tedious habits you’ve grown used to. Visit different places and try new stuff together, and you’ll find yourself in a more vibrant mood. You can also go back to places you used to often visit together and feel the nostalgic vibes that will remind you of blissful moments and make you realize just how happy you truly are with your partner.

  1. Show off the lingerie

Lingeries never go out of style, especially if you want to get some steamy late night action. Put on your most Megan Fox lacy outfit accompanied by a sultry music, and I’m almost 100 percent certain those gorgeous eyes of his will not be staring at anything else but you.

  1. Give each other a body massage

You’re probably both tired from work, and the best way to alleviate the stress is getting some pleasing massage from each other. Nothing tops the stimulating feeling as his fingers gently touch your skin. The act really kindles the mood, and you’ll feel extra satisfied as your body relaxes with every pinch.

  1. Netflix and Chill

Get the red wine ready, slip under the sheets, and turn the movie player on. Romance, comedy, or even an action-packed film–no matter what the genre is, movie night will definitely make you want some cuddling and “chill,” if you know what I mean.

5. Make an effort3

The most common mistake every couple make is not exerting an effort in the relationship as years go by. Seriously, steer clear from such a wrongdoing. Always create an effort of making your partner happy–be it by simple acts such as cooking his favorite meal, buying little gifts, or writing flirty love notes. You probably have no idea how much a small deed means to him!

6. Be more appreciative1Women love compliments, and ICYMI, so do men! Be more appreciative of him. Let him know how much he means to you and extend your share of gratitude for having him in your life. It’s 2018 and we should already know by now how to express our feelings in a more mature way.

7. Communicate

Spend a precious moment of having a heart-to-heart talk with him. Talk about your concerns, your plans, and everything you have been wanting to say to him but never had the chance to. This is a great way to have a better understanding of each other and release the negative vibes that have been lurking between the both of you for a long time.

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