A Promising Future of a Blockchain and a Tokenized Economy

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With the advance and emerging technologies in the present day, a new tokenized economy can be a fresh tool to reduce poverty and in the same manner, turn business ideas profitable for the benefit of the Filipino people. This is what the World Token Issuing Alliances (WTIA) is bringing to light as they secure an Offshore Virtual Currency Exchange License from Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA).

By embracing a new tokenized economy and adopting a blockchain technology, the WTIA will be an aid to various companies in the country to support real projects that can create positive impact in the business, IT and can be an assistance towards the goals of the government.

The World Token Issuing Alliance (WTIA) is the advisory and capital market solution of some of the biggest real-world blockchain projects in the world. Some of the projects WTIA offer includes sovereign-level tokenization programs, utility-token driven business models for listed companies, tokenized infrastructure securities, and high technology applications.

“Projects that deliver economic growth, create high value jobs, and can benefit from blockchain technology’s transparency, trust and security,” says Keunyoung Kim, the chairman of WTIA.

John Philip Mavrak, the Current CEO & Owner of Monopoly Hotels & Resorts, UK, describes the use of blockchain and a token as a currency with a purpose. “With our system, it’s people helping people. We hope to help places, make a better life of people not just profit,” Mavrak said.

Moreover, WTIA can now launch their exchange service on the WTIA Platform through the help of the regulatory and framework in CEZA.


“We are very excited to receive this important license from CEZA. WTIA will be able to help our projects develop tokenization models based on asset digitalization, solving many of the problems and bottlenecks in the current marketplace. Through WTIA and blockchain technology, we can bring real projects to fruition, creating economic prosperity and jobs for all.” said Kaycee Kim, CEO of WTIA.

This is one of the major step forward as they prepare to launch their fully regulated token exchange platform to increase liquidity for their projects in the Philippines.

There can be a revolutionary movement in the financial world through the process of tokenizing assets. Now, with the increasing popularity of blockchain and tokens, liquidity ensures fair pricing for projects through market dynamics and allows users to invest in the success of projects they support. This can also be a good instrument to lessen corruption in business since the transaction and information is step-by-step recorded.

In addition, the information is stored on an immutable ledger, secured via a decentralized network, and linked through cryptology, creating a trusted system for the transfer and verification of ownership.

Furthermore, one good thing with regards to a digital tokenized asset such as real estate, corporate assets and even IP allows assets to change hands conveniently, speedily and without much cost, excluding the need for burdensome processes and even middlemen.


WTIA works with some of the world’s largest blockchain and asset tokenization projects and is responsible for bringing together such projects as Monopoly Hotels & Resorts (MHR); Smart City Company (SCC); and many more. WTIA has expertise with in-depth experience in building traditional business, working with experts within the blockchain industry to bring together best of both worlds.

Along with WTIA plans in the future is to build a sustainable Future Energy and Satellite Crypto Bank; Mega City Projects and; Peace City Project.

Hence, their goals and future plan for a better and a trusted economy not just in the Philippines but also in other country can be made known and effective with the help of different organizations and the government working hand-in-hand to attain best results.

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