Acne Breakout from Wearing Face Mask? Here’s Why

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girl wearing face masks

By: Christine Ilagan

You might be noticing extra pimple after a few days or weeks of wearing masks to work or when running essential errands. And you start wondering what causing these breakouts even if you’re no longer putting much make on.

So, what triggers these skin blemishes?

The culprit to your additional skin concern might be what dermatologists used to call ̶ “Maskne”.


“Maskne” which also means “mask” plus “acne” is the newly given term to a type of skincare issue due to the use of face masks. A word that becomes so prominent when pandemic broke out and we are recommended to wear masks.

Wearing a face mask for a longer period of time clogs our pores which lead to redness, pimples, itchiness. And the mechanical friction brought by the fabric rubbing against your skin, plus the sweat, oil, dirt and moisture trapped against your skin leads to skin irritation.

Moreover, unlike the common acne breakouts, pimples that maskne brings often can only be seen around your jaw, cheeks, nose and mouth ̶ the areas where your face mask covers. And these skin issue often get worst especially during summer season.

How to treat “Maskne”

In an episode of “Sagot ka ni Dok”, an online health advocacy of Health & lifestyle Magazine, Dr. Peachy Paz-Lao, a renowned Dermatologist and the President of the Philippine Dermatological Society gave some tips on how to properly work on treating maskne.

“There are many types of Mask nowadays but you have to wear the right masks which could also protect you from COVID,” Dr. Lao said.

She emphasized that you shouldn’t wear masks that are too rough and too thick. “If you’re going to wear masks for 24 hours, make sure to wash your face every now and then. Take a rest and clean your face”, she urges.

Dr. Paz Lao noted that treating Maskne is just the same as how you treat acne. So, no matter how tempting it might be for you to pop or squeeze your acne, just don’t! As you know, popping only takes it longer to heal, something that you don’t want to happen.

It’s also important to remember that you have to wash your reusable face mask and avoid wearing used facemask.

washing face

Moreover, this time could be the best opportunity to opt for a bare face look with a touch of sunscreen which can protect us from the harmful effects of sun’s rays. Let your skin breath once in a while.

Plus, don’t be too stressed out. Studies have shown the correlation between stress and acne. Thus, stress won’t just affect your skin but it will also hamper your productivity and even negatively impact your overall health.

This is the time to take good care of our health without neglecting our skin.  Take note that when you look good, you will also feel good.


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