An Ongoing Revolution

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A Show on Violence Against Women

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, the Far Eastern University President’s Committee on Culture (FEU PCC) holds a dance concert for awareness on Violence Against Women on April 11, 2017 at FEU Manila. Entitled “An Ongoing Revolution”, students from FEU and guests from other institutions attended the event.

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Julie Alagde-Carretas, co-founder of the Plana Forma, is the special guest of the event. Together with her team of talented artists, they perform astonishing yet powerful dance movements. Each motion conveys a strong message that is purely captured by each person in the auditorium who witnessed the performances.

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According to her, the topic on violence against women is very close to her heart as she personally experienced it. She added, “it can either make you stronger or tear you down to pieces”.

When asked on how she can empower other women in the society, she enumerated different ways. First, is to respect others—empowering for her means one human being respecting other human being. Second, to be confident. Third, take care of yourself. And lastly, assume the responsibility of being a human being

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