Bad Pre- Snooze Habits

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BY: Jacqueline Go Laruan

Sleeping might be doing you harm than good. Are you guilty of these horrible sleeping habits?

1.       SLEEPING WITH MAKE UP ON261935249


Many women, due to stress or laziness, neglect to remove their make up before going to bed. According to dermatologists, sleeping in your make up exposes you to free radicals in the environment, which the make-up clings to. These free radicals cause the breaking of strong collagen, and produces the fine lines on the sin. This is apart from the fact that make up clogs pores while you sleep and eventually developing acne. Even though, there are now easy – to- use make-up removers and facial cleansers in the market many still sleep wearing make up


Sleeping with hair tied tightly is more comfortable than letting it flow on the pillow. Sleeping with a ponytail has no serious effects especially if its loosely tied. Rubber bands and hair pins cause hair breakage due to friction and damage to the cuticle layer of the hair. Tension alopecia or hair loss may also happen if hair is pulled tightly for too long while sleeping, and it also gives an ugly bend to your hair.


Sleeping can become difficult for women especially for those working during odd hours. It is common for women to take sleeping pills, or drink red wine, brandy, or vodka to induce sleep. Studies show that there are some sleeping pills which have potentially damaging side effects, including parasomnia.

Parasomnia is a sleep disorder where behaviors and actions take place that cannot be consciously controlled such as sleep walking, nightmares, sleep sex, and even sleep driving. Furthermore, taking sleeping pills and alcohol to sleep may build tolerance to medication and dependence on alcohol, thus, the thought of going to sleep without these will make women more restless. Mixing the two is also harmful which may result to death. Sleeping pill labels warm against drinking alcohol with the drug.


Dog sleeping in bed alongside master's feet

Dog sleeping in bed alongside master’s feet

Woman can’t resist their furry friends. Sleeping with your beloved dog or cat can easily transmit infectious diseases through bed sharing, kissing or licking. There have been documented issues about life threatening infections such as plagues, internal parasites and other serious diseases if your pets sleeps beside you. A simple cat scratch may produce bacterial infection caused by Bartonella Henselae, which comes from infected fleas and flea feces. The infectious agent may cause swelling of lymph nodes and sometimes fatal harm to the liver, kidney and spleen.

5.       SLEEPING IN BAD POSITIONposition-panel_2

Fetal position while sleeping is not ideal for women, unless you are pregnant. It is also the most common sleeping posture among women. When you sleep with knees pulled up high and chin placed into your chest, you may acquire back or joint pains. If this is your sleeping position every night, premature facial wrinkles and sagging breast will definitely be developed.

There are lot ways to inspire comfortable and healthy sleeping for women to enjoy like keeping a healthy biological sleeping clock, using the bed only for sleeping and sex, playing soft music in the bedroom, and exercising four hours before sleeping time. These ways must be considered as early as now before you wake up to the horrible aftermath.                                                         

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