Be Healthy and Fab

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Be Healthy and Fab

5 habits to keep you in tiptop shape

How do you stay healthy? Whether it’s through a balanced diet or spending hours at the gym, remember that what you do or put in your body can make or break your health.

Here are five easy tips to keep you healthy and fabulous with nature’s goodness:

Natural Shampoo

1. Nourish your crowning glory.

Exposure to heat and chemicals make hair brittle and dry. Switch to a mild, moisturizing shampoo. Look for a sulfate and silicon-free formula that will surely keep your hair shiny, soft, and frizz-free all day.


100% natural day moisturizer


2. Moisturize every day

Start your day with a moisturizer to keep your face soft and supple. Loaded with 15 essential vitamins and minerals, Human Nature’s 100 percent Natural Day Moisturizer can keep your skin’s natural moisture for eight hours.

Natural feminine wash


3. Use a gentle wash for your intimate area

Red days might leave you feeling icky and uncomfortable. Feel clean and fresh with a product that has soothing Aloe Vera and chamomile to keep you fresh and natural cleaning agents to fight infection-causing bacteria.

Deet-free lotion


4. Get fit without the company of bugs and mosquitoes

A quick jog will help strengthen your heart and improve your blood flow. Stay active outdoors without the threat of itchy bug bites and dengue causing mosquitoes. Infused with soy bean oil, citronella, and eucalyptus oil, Bug Shield offers insect bite protection without the dangerous chemicals like DEET and Triclosan.

Tea Tree & Lavender5. Heal the natural way

Getting little nicks and bumps is unavoidable. Use a natural balm that has lavender which eases swelling and speeds up the healing of cuts and nicks and bacteria-fighting tea-tree oil to protect you from infection.

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