Boost your Way to a Healthier Lungs and Heart

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There’s an increasing prevalence of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in the Philippines. According to World Health Organization, we ranked 16th with the highest death rate in the world due to Lung Diseases and 32nd highest death rate because of Coronary Heart Diseases.

This sharp reality is a wake-up call to reassess how we personally take care of our circulatory and respiratory system. And truth is, these diseases can be avoided by maintaining a healthy diet and good lifestyle. Unfortunately, our bodies are not much getting enough nutrients it needs due to consumption of fast food, refined, and processed food.

And these do not provide the sufficient nutrients needed to strengthen our lungs and protect them from illnesses. So, our body needs an extra support by taking additional nutritional supplement in order to ensure that our body can achieve the optimum nutrients daily. 

Tools to a Healthier Circulatory and Respiratory System

Macropharma Corporation brings to light two (2) food supplements that are effective in Combatting circulatory and respiratory diseases−Circulan 4 IN 1 and LungCaire Plus.

Taking these supplements ensure that oxygen and nutrients are thoroughly distributed to different organs, and that harmful wastes in the body are properly expelled.

Moreover, Circulan 4-IN-1 is a recommended support as it enhances several elements of blood distribution.  This supplement has been scientifically and clinically tested for more than 10 years by Dong-A, the second largest pharmaceutical company in Korea. It combines 4 herbal extracts in one formula, which work together to enhance four essential parts of the circulatory system.

The heart, arteries, blood, and the nerves are nourished with herbs -Hawthorne Berries, Gingko Biloba, Garlic Oil Extract, and Lemon Balm, respectively. The contains antioxidants which are more helpful than Vitamin E & Vitamin C as these formulas are free of carcinogenic effects.

People suffering from signs and symptoms of poor blood circulation or even healthy individuals who wish to maintain their optimum blood circulation can take the food supplement.

In addition, LungCaire Plus is approved by the Philippine FDA and specially formulated by Macropharma and Performance Research Laboratories in California. LungCaire Plus is made up of 21 essential vitamins and minerals, specialized nutrients, powerful antioxidants, and a formulated blend of herbs that protect your lungs from environmental pollution, boost immunity and protect cells from damage.

Thus, having allergic conditions such as asthma, rhinitis, bronchitis, as well as influenza make individuals more vulnerable to Lung diseases. LungCaire Plus particularly helps resistance against allergens and helps relieve bronchitis and influenza.

Now is the perfect time to boost our way to a healthier you. Start taking care of your lungs and heart.

Circulan and LungCaire Plus are available in all Mercury Drug Stores nationwide. You may also buy online or purchase in our in-house through (0917) 851 2121. Persons with underlying conditions should consult their doctor before taking the supplements.

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