Lead Yourself from Struggling to Thriving Single Mom Using These Powerful Questions

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Take this life-changing questionnaire to lead yourself from struggling to thriving single mom


Have you heard of the saying, “I’m a single parent, what’s your super power?”

This optimistic perspective probably best describes the challenging, exciting, and unique life journey of every single parent. On top of this, if you are a single mother, being “Ms. Independent” is both uplifting and demanding at the same time.

Do you want to know how are you doing so far? Take the SELF© short self-rating and gain self-awareness of your strengths and areas to improve.

This assessment helps you rate yourself in various areas of your life. As a whole, these areas should guide you to become a well-rounded individual and achieve success and fulfillment.

You have a minute to answer each item.

Rate yourself on the descriptors by checking the column corresponding to the criteria:

1 – I am struggling and I desperately need most help on
2 – I can manage and I am still looking for some help to improve
3 – I am confidently excelling and I am comfortable to learn more on my own


Scoring: Add all your scores and place your total score on the last box. If you score:

1-32: You are struggling right now and you know it. You may want to ask for professional help from certified coaches, licensed counselors, or attend self-development trainings to guide you.
33-64: There are some areas you are struggling and some you are able to manage. You may want to contemplate / write more details on the descriptors you are struggling and contemplate / write more details on the descriptors you are able to manage. You can ask for more feedback from people around you whom you trust and ask for professional help from certified coaches, licensed counselors, or attend self-development trainings to have better guidance on how to improve.
65-96: Overall, you are able to manage your life. In some areas, you may even be thriving and proud of your accomplishments. You can work on the descriptors you are able to manage and make them an area you excel. Certified coaches, licensed counselors, or attending self-development trainings may help you advance in depth and breadth of your personal and professional development.

*The Self-Educating and Learning Framework (SELF) assessment is © 2015 Copyright of Candy DLC. Mauricio, CMC., RGC., and Michael Lu., ACC., CMC. All rights reserved. You may contact the authors directly for a more comprehensive interpretation.

As Dorothea Brande puts it, “A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved.” This assessment helps you gain self-awareness. You may be wondering what is so life changing about it, it is life-changing when you decide and start to act on it.

I hope this article helped you gain Knowledge to bring forth a positive Attitude that will develop yours Skills that will form new Habits. This is the KASH you bring home to eventually make you a thriving single mother – for yourself, your child, your family, loved ones, career, community, and society in general.

Start your better future now!

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Quick Facts:

1. According to 2012 International Statistics, one out of four mothers are single moms.
2. In 2012, Philippine National Statistics reported there are at least 14 million Filipino single parents and at least 80% are mothers.
3. Philippine Daily Inquirer recently claimed that there is an increasing number of single mothers aged 18 to 21.
4. 2015 Philippine Government Statistics revealed that 1.072 million single mothers are OFWs.
5. Other single-parent researches reported:
a. 46% separated
b. 31% single
c. 21.8% remarried
d. 1.7% widowed

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