Carmie P. de Leon: In her Career and Personal Life

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ZEN_Carmie P de Leon_Lyka Chiang


Carmie P. de Leon is one of the women who have made a huge leap toward their career. She is the Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Healthway Medical, an outpatient clinic that offers a wide range of services, such as consultation, specializations, laboratories, dental, diagnostic procedures, physical therapy, and selected surgical procedures.

As a company that focuses on health and wellness, they encourage employees to have a regular health checkup by implementing a campaign called WOW (Wellness on Wheels), which allows employees to practice SEED (Sleep, Eat, Exercise, and De-Stress) lifestyle, be mindful of their body and its abnormalities, and ensure that a regular annual check-up or overall health monitoring is being done.

‘Nothing is more rewarding than when I see people growing in their personal and career lives.’

For Carmie, a balance between career and health is important. On a daily basis, she tries to keep up as much as possible with work and get some good rest at the same time. “Even on a busy or hectic schedule, I find time to sit back, relax, breathe, and socialize. Before the day ends, I condition my body for better sleeping by lighting a scented candle while enjoying soft music,” she said.

Stress at work is inevitable, especially if you hold such a high position in a huge company. Carmie is very optimistic when it comes to dealing with work-related stress. “As much as possible, I try my best to gain a positive outlook in life. I keep in mind that I should become a blessing,” she quipped. She believes everything happens for a reason, and that keeps her to look for more ways to become helpful to others.

Having a tight work schedule for the whole week, Carmie still endeavors to be active in her personal life. “I take time to have a mid-week break with friends, especially when stress is starting to build up. During weekends, I’m a full-time mom and wife.” She reckons nothing is more rewarding than seeing people grow in their personal and career lives.

Even as the successful career woman she is today, it hasn’t been such a piece of cake for Carmie. At 21, she got married so she considered motherhood as her first career. Then, she had to work in many different companies before and after conceiving her second baby, because she couldn’t find the right fit for her.

“It was all hard work but the training has molded me to become really serious and compassionate about my job.”

In her 13 years of working at Healthway, she has managed to get on the top because of her enthusiasm and love for what she does. “It’s not easy to climb the corporate ladder but it’s not about being on top, it’s more difficult to stay on top,” she advised.

To be considered as an empowered woman, she believes that it should be “somebody who knows and expresses herself, confident and resilient—the one who sees problems as opportunities—embraces challenges with poise, and takes odds to her advantage.”

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