CelebriTips: Skin and Hair Care for the Rainy Season

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After months of seemingly endless scorching heat, the country is finally experiencing some cool weather brought by the rainy season. And while there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the rain (hello boots and trenchcoats!), a lot of people are still wary of the season due to various concerns. Two of the most common worries are the skin and the hair. During this time of the year, the skin is most prone to fungal infections. Most of these fungal problems are not life-threatening but when neglected, can be quite severe and risky. Hair fall, on the other hand, is also a major problem faced by people during the season. That is why it is really important to know how to properly take care of the skin and hair amidst the damp weather.

Some celebrity hosts, TV anchors, and social media influencers share their secrets on how they take care of their skin and hair nowadays. Below are their tips on how to keep the skin blooming and the hair glowing during the rainy season.


Love Anover Lianko

TV Host

Love Anover

Love Anover Lianko, known for her energetic traffic updates in the morning show Unang Hirit, can testify to the harsh effects of the season due to her daily exposure to the road. For her skin, she uses regular soap to cleanse it and applies aloe vera moisturizer after. Aloe is known since the ancient times to be the plant of immortality due to its incredible moisturizing power.

For her hair, Love is a self-confessed old school lady and uses the classic coconut oil every other day. The vitamins and essential fatty acids found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and helps the hair grow thicker and stronger. Apart from that, Love also applies argan hair mask every week to make her hair silkier and shinier.


Rodel Flordeliz

Blogger (nognoginthecity.com)

Rodel Flordeliz

Rainy day or not, Rodel makes sure that his skin and hair are properly taken cared of. For his skin, he never forgets to wear moisturizer and sunblock wherever he goes. A lot of people tend to skip sunblock during the rainy season, but that’s a big NO. Harmful rays are still present rain or shine that’s why the skin needs all the protection it can get. Rodel specifically uses iWhite Korea’s Aqua Moisturizer and SunPlay Watery Cool with SPF 130.

For his hair, Rodel is a bit more relaxed in applying products. He simply uses Vitress to give his hair that extra protection against all the harmful elements in the environment.


Angela Lagunzad

TV Host/Anchor/Documentarist

Angela Lagunzad

For the ones who have sensitive skin like Angela, organic products are highly recommended to be used as much as possible just as she does. She uses organic moisturizer and eye cream to keep her skin protected at all times. Likewise, she also applies RMK Face Balm to keep the face fresh amidst the dull weather.

As sensitive as her skin, her scalp is sensitive as well so she uses organic shampoo. In particular, Angela prefers Andalu Shampoo from Healthy Options.


William Thio

TV Host/Anchor/Entrepreneur

William Thio

William is probably the epitome of the saying, “Age doesn’t matter”. With his boy-next-door look, he can pass up as a fresh grad yuppie. And the secret to his youthful looks? Well apart from regular exercise and healthy eating, William makes sure that he cleanses his face, body, and hair thoroughly. He is blessed for not having sensitive skin and can practically use any product without suffering any consequences, that’s why he is quite adventurous with different brands. The key though is to clean up well and not let dirt sit for a long time.


Karen Ramoso-Pacia

Public Speaker/Blogger (thetechiemommy.com)

Karen Pacia

Being a public speaker and mentor, Karen understands the importance of not only feeling good on the inside but also looking good on the outside. Although she doesn’t particularly change her beauty routine during the rainy season, she swears that her products work whatever the weather is. For her skin, Karen is very particular with her anti-aging regimen. Though still young, she knows that the earlier you use anti-aging products, the better. Her favorite is Visible Solutions.

For her hair, Karen gets keratin treatment quarterly. The hair is made up of keratin (protein) and such treatments bring back the lost protein into hair, which is often lost due to hair coloring or age. This way, the hair keeps its natural strength and gloss.

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