Color It Right

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Color it Right

Do’s and don’ts of hair coloring


Coloring the hair is probably one of the best ways to update one’s look with extreme impact without necessarily hurting the pocket. But while it’s tempting to go full-blown blonde or transform into a dashing brunette, there are some things to consider first to ensure a result that will look great on you.

According to Ronald Pancho, hair stylist and consultant, who has worked in various salons such as David’s, here are some of the do’s and don’ts of hair coloring:

Do choose a quality hair dye from reputable brands

Do choose a quality hair dye from reputable brands


Do take the time to choose the right color. Always take a little time out to choose the right hue. That gorgeous auburn shade of your neighbor might not have the same finish on you. It’s advisable to get a photo of your peg first and present it to your stylist so he/she could give some professional assessments.

Do choose a quality hair dye from reputable brands. But if you’re availing salon services, choose only the trustworthy ones. Some salons may offer really cheap hair dying services but don’t get fooled. These cheap hair dyes may cause more damage than good on your hair. Ask the stylist politely about the brand they are using and judge if it’s reliable or not.

Do perform a patch skin test especially if it’s your first time to get a hair color, or first time to use a certain brand. Using cotton swabs dab a tiny amount of the product onto the skin (usual locations are behind the ear or at the nape of the neck) and allow the spots to dry. Wait 24-48 hours and examine the areas. If there are no reactions, then the product is safe for your skin.

Do follow instructions to the last detail especially for people who prefer using DIY hair coloring. Read the instructions carefully and follow each one diligently. Use a timer, if needed, to assure that the dye and conditioning cream stay on your hair for the right amount of time. Letting the dye stay on the hair below or over the specified time may lead to a different result or worse, may cause damage.

Do wait before washing your hair. Ideally, 48 hours is the time for the color to settle and grab onto the hair strands. But if two days of no washing is too much, 24 hours can already do.

Do use appropriate products. Dyed hair has special needs that only shampoos and conditioners for colored-treated hair can address and meet. These products are especially made to protect hair and extend color at the same time. Moreover, use a weekly hair treatment or a deep hair conditioner to keep your color in top condition.

Don’t drown your hair

Don’t drown your hair


Don’t experiment with your own recipe. A lot of online recipes for hair dyes are available, but plenty of which may actually damage your hair without even changing the color. Unless you are 100 percent sure, never ever mess around with your hair and use these online recipes.

Don’t dye too often. It may be appealing to change your hair color every month to keep the coverage full, but this kind of practice can ultimately ruin your hair. Instead, simply perform a touch up on the roots so the regrowth will be covered with the same shade as the strands.

Don’t shampoo everyday. Shampooing twice a week is the most ideal frequency, although those with oily or fine hair can shampoo up to every other day. Avoid clarifying shampoos altogether, as their cleansing agents can strip hair of dye pigments. Again, use only the right products for color-treated hair.

Don’t drown your hair. Research suggests that up to 80 percent of color fade is caused by water alon. So once you shampoo and condition in the shower, avoid letting the water run over your hair. And when you rinse, use lukewarm or cool water as much as possible. Hot water also causes color loss.

Don’t overheat. High heat can cause dull color by making the hair cuticles rough. If you can’t air dry, a ceramic blow dryer can help smoothen cuticles without the damage. Flat irons can dry out hair too, so use heat-protective products like sprays and serums to prevent damage.

Don’t perm or straighten hair immediately. After dying, your hair is subjected to foreign ingredients and it takes time for the hair to fully adjust. Injecting new chemicals shortly after hair coloring may lead to extreme damage. Wait for at least several weeks before you get another full hair treatment such as a perm or a rebond. Recommended waiting time is at least 10 to 12 weeks.

Getting a hair color may not be as easy as 1-2-3, but if you follow these tips, all the efforts are worth it.

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