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promod Philippines

A collection of 7 Must-Have jeans designed by Promod

Gaspard, Émile, Oscar, Félix, Marius, Clément, and Lucien… Each and every woman now has her own French lover!

Whether you like them Skinny, Slim, Straight or Boyfriend… Promod Boutique Française’sdenim collection is just about to include 7 indispensable designs. 7 cuts of perfectly fitted known-by-name jeans. The mere essence of French-style chic denim.

Gaspard, Emile, Félix, Marius, Clément, Oscar and Lucien match the requirements of each woman, each style, each morphology… Each and everyone can be on a first-name basis with her favorite model(s) and spot them out season after season or collect them in various bleach tones.


The ideal pair of jeans, the one that magnifies your femininity, that flatters your curves, that gives you the advantage in all circumstances, that boosts your style… Jeans that would never let you down and that you’d enjoy wearing for several seasons to come, whether skinny, boyfriend or straight… It’s something we all dream of.

It is for this very purpose that Promod has created its denim collection, 7 models identified by name, timeless and perfectly fitted. Each of them to come in different colors, bleach tones or finishes to stick with each season’s trends but always with that same perfect fit.


With its international distribution network, Promod claims a style of its own in the prêt-à-porter sector: feminine, chic and filled with natural and freshness. One collection after another, customers can benefit from unequalled value for money thanks to the perfect fall of the materials, refined cuts and a sense of detail that differentiates Promod from other brands.


Gaspard Skinny

Gaspard is the perfect ally of either chic or casual looks. This skinny is super comfortable and easy to wear, collect it in different shades to pace the season. Soft-feel slightly stretched denim, unequalled value for money.


Emile Skinny

Emile is all about skinny: a nice waistline with good abdominal support, slender thighs, fitted knees and a streamlined lower leg on stretch canvas… The perfect cut to slim the silhouette. This slightly bleached and spot-worn denim will style up any outfit.


Oscar Skinny

Oscar is the 100% feminine skinny. Its high rise and push-up cut will round up your curves and magnify your buttocks. With sneakers or pump shoes, a blazer or a bomber jacket, Oscar and its black or blue rough denim canvas will match any look.


Felix Slim

More of a slim than a skinny, slims the silhouette and streamlines the leg while preserving your comfort. Its thick rougFélixh stretch canvas fits all silhouettes. Wear it from dawn till dusk or from dusk till dawn; a wardrobe’s essential!


Lucien Boyfriend

Lucien is the boyfriend jeans known to style up a silhouette. Its carefully worn & torn canvas is guaranteed pure looks. The Promod version goes feminine with accessories or details: a fine pouch bag, a nice neckline, colorful pumps… With or without a belt, you decide but do roll up the hems for extra style. With its carrot cut and loose effect, it’s got everything of season’s IT.


Marius Straight

Marius is this season’s novelty. A high rise that nicely wraps up the waist, a straight cut with a loose effect at the knees, fitted just the right way to suit all silhouettes. Its little plus? A slightly stretch washed blue canvas. Timeless and divinely feminine!


Clement Straight

For true denim lovers, meet Clément. Its perfectly structured straight cut reveals a very up-to-date silhouette. The non stretch canvas enhances its genuine side and promises to nicely bleach-off over time. It is THE iconic jeans of all fashionistas, to be worn in a denim total look or with a blazer jacket and sneakers to push the androgynous style one step further.

EXCLUSIVE! This is the actual design famous calligraphist Nicolas Ouchenirhas chosen to create his collector’s item. Nice ‘rock-style’ jeans customized à la French with quotes from Verlaine’s poetry – The model on the picture is wearing Nicolas Ouchenir’spersonalized limited edition -€44.95.

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