Ditch these 2017 Ugly Fashion Trends

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In the fashion world, trends just come and go, then come back again. But some are just so much of a “miss” rather than a “hit” that they shouldn’t be having a comeback. Seriously! Here are some of the worst fashion trends in 2017 that we all need to ditch.

  1. Butt Ripped Jeans

As if the regular ripped jeans aren’t enough for a baggy skin-peeping look. Now, we’ve all just created an inexplicably worse disaster that makes your butt go poppin’, literally! Nope, just because the Kardashians do it doesn’t mean you should. Kylie, sweetie, here’s a thread and needle to fix that awful cut. Next!

butt ripped jeans

  1. Double Denim

Denim is classic, but too much denim is just…too much. Don’t do it. I mean, just look at Britney and Justin here—is that a music awards or a Halloween costume party? Either way, ditch the outfit!

double denim

  1. RompHim

I am not stereotyping here that rompers are only for women, but seriously, this is pure elusive and no one asked for this. These terribly ill-designed one piece suits apparently provide “comfort” to men, even if they’re looking like college fratty boys hanging out at Coachella. I’m sorry, it’s the truth. And as if it wasn’t already terrible enough, they had to make a special Christmas edition of the RompHim. And no, I don’t approve of your Santa Claus jumpshort costume. Totally a miss or a mess—whichever will do!


  1. Balenciaga Resort 2018 Collection

This 2018 bag collection by Balenciaga was the most absurd thing to happen in the fashion world last year. They released it in November 2017, and every Filipino went totally ballistic because they look like just our mom’s classic bayong. And in case you’re wondering, bayong is used as a storage when buying stuff from the market instead of carrying several plastic or paper shopping bags. I personally use it too as a laundry bag and is very affordably priced at $1. So please, don’t waste 2,000 bucks for this crap.

balenciaga resort bag

  1. Fanny Packs

We’re back in the ’80s and it’s not quite cute. Sure, fanny packs are a decent storage for your basic stuff such as phone, wallet, and lipstick. But sorry, fanny pack lovers, it’s totally a miss for me. This is a dad thing, or a Hawaiian tourist thing. My dad loves it, tourists love it, but I don’t.

fanny pack

  1. Nose Hair Extensions

I know what you’re thinking…”WHAT?!” Same, girl, same. Apparently, nose hair extensions have become a thing among beauty and fashion enthusiasts on Instagram. Not only do they look horrible, but it literally seems like a spider is coming out of your nostrils. Just nope, no, nah-uh.

nose extensions

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