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DIY skin tightening regimens have always been a huge interest among beauty junkies because they fight off sagging and loose skin that manifest aging. Tightening one’s skin helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as shrink pores to achieve youthful-looking skin. And there’s no other natural beauty ingredient available that does the job well than egg whites.Bellissima Egg White Soap 2

Egg whites have been used all around the world as an anti-aging beauty secret for centuries, dating way back in Ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt, China and the Arabian Peninsula. Egg whites are rich in protein and albumin that have natural skin tightening and toning properties, and when used as facial mask, it helps in achieving that beautiful, youthful and supple skin.Bellissima Egg White Soap

Bellissima, the Original Egg White Beauty Soap in the Philippines, uses real egg whites to capture all of its anti-aging and skincare benefits for a bright, young-looking, clear skin.


For ages, egg whites have been used as home-made face masks to lift and tighten facial skin. Beauty lovers believe that egg white facial masks have similar effects to that of a short-term facelift.

Bellissima Egg White Soap makes all those skin-lifting benefits available in a soap bar for a hassle-free, skin-tightening beauty sesh. It takes pride in using egg white’s natural tightening properties that reduce the appearance of fine lines and restores elasticity to the skin. Also, this soap’s fragrance is really delicious yet light and homey, making your egg whites skincare experience a lot more fun than your usual home-made facial mask.


Bellissima Egg White Soap’s patented whitening formulation, combined with natural egg whites, instantly brightens skin after use, giving you an immediate glow.

Bellissima Egg White Soap is especially good for oily skin too, as real egg whites work amazingly well in controlling ourskin’s natural oil. Egg whites can naturally draw out sebum and pull out the gunk stuck deep within skin pores- making it possible for you to have clear skin that’s totally free from whiteheads and blackheads. Acne can be caused by over secretion of sebum onto the skin’s surface, and with Bellissima, you can prevent your skin from growing unattractive pimples.

Bellissima’s natural astringent properties tighten pores which naturally squeeze out black heads and dirt by bringing them out of the skin’s surface. Once rinsed, Bellissima Egg White Soap helps remove dirt and dead skin cells too. The egg white’s protein also helps heal, nourish and retain moisture in the skin for a soft, smooth finish.


Summatrade International Corporation, the company that developed Bellissima The Original Egg White Soap, made sure that the soap is FDA-approved, Halal certified and export-ready.

The Italian term for ”Extremely Beautiful”, Bellissima was created with the vision of having people experience and enjoy the skin tightening and skin brightening benefits of egg white. ” Eggs are all-natural ingredients that have tremendous skin benefits. It makes skin healthy, nourished and naturally beautiful, and we want Bellissima to be the top-of-mind and market leader when it comes to Egg White Skin care category, ” said Morris Gonzales, founder of Summatrade International Corporation.

EGG-sperience EGG-straordinary beauty for yourself! Purchase Bellissima Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap at Puregold branches nationwide for only Php 55.00 per bar. For promos and updates, follow @bellissimaegghwhite on Instagram and like its Facebook page:


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