Ergonomics Key to Healthier, Productive Workforce

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Occupational diseases can put employees’ safety and health at risk. Employees often complain about work-related diseases such as musculoskeletal disorders and backpain, which eventually lead to lesser productivity.

To address this pressing concern, Ergo & Wellness Conference 2019 was held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura, Taguig City, last May 17, 2019, with the aim of having a healthier workforce and a more productive Philippines. It is the first-ever held nationwide Ergonomics conference and   trade show to educate employers and businesses with regards to health, safety and wellness practice of their employees.

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Ergonomics is designed for safety and comfort of the labor force in the workplace atmosphere which includes the design of office furniture such as chairs and tables.

Alongside with the Ergonomics conference, a press conference was organized where speakers from various companies and institutions collaborated and gathered.

Among the speakers were Dr. Rosemary Seva, President of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of the Philippines; Dr. Johann Kim T. Mañez, President and Founder of Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine; and Ms. Cathy Turvill, Founder and Co-Owner of Nurture Wellness Village.

Also included among the speakers were Ms. Eileen Sison, Sales and Marketing Director of Contract Design and Systems Furniture Specialist, Inc; Mr. Martin Vera, Chief Operating Office of BioMark Philippines; and Mr. Patrick Jan G. Doromal, President of Masahealthy.


The speakers discussed the importance of investing on employee’s wellness through ergonomics, nutrition, better lifestyle as well as reduce work related sickness and injury. They also tackled the importance of creating well-designed office furniture to suit the safety of every employee in every company.

“Patients health and safety is big, Ergonomics is just a part of it,” Dr. Rosemary Seva, the president of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of the Philippines said. The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of the Philippines (HFESP) aims to promote education in terms of relationship between the ergonomics and work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

She added that when the state of Ergonomics in many of the companies is talked about, only the multinationals are implementing it since they are the only companies that have ergonomics program in their companies. “We hope that through proper education, people can take charge of their health in the workplace. But by knowing the principle of Ergonomics, they would know what are the appropriate things to do to keep themselves safe.”

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 Moreover, the event is also an initiative to bridge the gap between the government and the private sector in terms of educating and giving awareness to every companies in compliance to Occupational Safety and Health Standards, also known as OSH Law.

“We need to bridge the gap between the private sector and public sector so we are really excited about this initiative. It’s all about public and private sector cooperation,” Cathy Turvill, Founder and Co-Owner of Nurture Wellness Village said.

The event was the first of its kind. And through collaboration and partnership with different companies, they hope to give free seminars to all industry members of the society, promote ergonomics through the ergo and wellness show and organize more ergonomics conferences in the future.

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