Exercise Life Hacks

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Exercise Life Hacks - Hero

6 Ways to incorporate exercise into your regular workday routines


With people’s busy work schedules and hectic lifestyles, many are unable to find time to exercise. But exercise does not have to be an extracurricular activity that you have to find extra time for.

Here are six simple ways to integrate exercise into your daily work/life routines so you no longer have to make time for it, it becomes a normal part of your day:

BiketoworkBike to work

Make better use of your morning or afternoon hours, instead of sitting around inside a vehicle stuck in traffic, by opting ride your bike to work. Studies have shown that people who ride their bikes to work are generally happier and more productive probably because they don’t have to deal with the rush hour stress.

There is somehow a smug satisfaction in leisurely cruising through a road full of traffic-stuck vehicles unhindered.

With regard to safety, more cities in Metro Manila are gradually adapting cycling infrastructures to make biking safer and more convenient for people. Nonetheless, biking is only as dangerous as you make it. Opt for routes with less vehicle population and avoid risky riding. What about atmospheric pollution? Wear a mask!

Exercise Life Hacks 3Run to work

That is if your workplace is feasibly near enough depending on your running capacity.Have a handy set of toiletries ready in your office for freshening when you get there, as well as a set of office clothes and shoes to change into so you won’t have to carry these around every time.

It would be great if your office building has a shower facility but if there is none, shower at home then freshen up in the office washroom. This applies to biking too.

Exercise Life Hacks 4Make opportunities to walk, and walk fast

Even with a desk job you can make several opportunities to get yourself to walk: Park your car farther away, alight public transport some distance away from your office building, eat lunch at a place with a good walking distance, or personally head to your colleagues work station when you need to communicate instead of just calling or sending an email.

And instead of doing it at a leisurely pace, brisk walk it. Brisk walking is found to be a highly effective and very simple exercise for lowering blood pressure and losing weight. For sure not a day passes when you don’t get to walk even for just a little bit. You just have to go a bit faster.

Take the stairs

If your workplace is not more than five to 10 floors up your office building, taking the stairs don’t seem so difficult.You may even run up their stairs to kick this workout up a notch for an effective cardio workout.Moreover, climbing two stair-steps at a time simulates a lunge workout which will do wonders for strengthening your legs.

Say your office is on the 40th floor; just take the stairs for the first few floors before riding the elevator or do it the other way around.

Exercise Life Hacks 5Sit on a stability ball

Office workers typically sit around for several hours and some researches have even suggested that this can be doing more harm to their health than they realize.

One way to make the act of sitting into a physically engaging activity is to replace your office chair with a stability ball.Your core muscles will be constantly engaged so long as you sit on it.Those long sitting hours now become an active exercise. This might even help you stay alert to focus on your work.

Work your arms while sitting

Another way to maximize your sitting hours is to do some arms curls or raises with dumbbells. This is a very simple exercise which you can do absentmindedly while reading or doing other activities that don’t require the use of both arms at the same time. You may even do this while sitting on the stability ball for a simultaneous workout.

Once you get used to these activities being part of your usual routines and habits, you won’t even notice that you are exercising. You’ll just notice gradually becoming stronger and fitter without having to go to a gym. Now not a day will pass without you getting some exercise.

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