Fashion Flashback

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Let's bring back the 90s look - Hero

Let’s bring back the 90s look

By Alvin Melgar

Have you seen the hash tags #90sKids and #Batang90s lately? Well I guess they are all back to revive their youth.

The trends are always coming back every time. Like the music that we listen to, the movies we watch, and even in the way we dress up.

Who can forget TLC, Spice Girls, No Doubt, All Saints, Alanis look? And how Britney Spears redefined the school girl look in her hit single, Baby One More Time.

Remember all the plaids, Ginghams Shepherd’s check, acid washed denims, and the t-shirts they used to wear?

I guess it is all about the laid back culture that they want to redefine in that era. Did you miss it? Here are some suggestions to obtain those old school looks.

It is time to check those old pants and sandals to achieve the updated 90’s look.

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