Funny Face Yoga Exercises

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By Snowcaps

Vivien shares the beauty and fun of Funny Face Yoga where you can learn to laugh at yourself and laugh with others, finding joy within and creating true from the inside that radiates on the outside.

Modeling since she was 12 years old, Vivien Tan experienced at a young age the pressure to be beautiful and perfect.

At the peak of her career, she left the world of high fashion to embrace her role as wife and mom.

Being a Kundalini Yoga Teacher helped her on her pursuit of what real beauty is.

Let’s start!


Funny Face Yoga Exercise 1 is a breathing exercise where you stick your tongue out as far as you can while inhaling through your mouth over your extended tongue and then exhaling through your nose. (Repeat 26 time)

Funny Face Yoga 2 are eye exercises where you imagine looking at a clock at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock and then 9 o’clock–that’s up, down, right and left. Then move your eyes around clockwise then counter clockwise. (Do for 30 seconds)

Funny Face Yoga Exercise 3 is the kissing exercise where you pucker up with loud, noisy sounds while imagining that you’re kissing a loved one. Place your fingertips on your collar bone, lift up chin. (Do this for a minute)

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