Healing Practices for the Mind and Body

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In a world where everything seems to be fast-paced and complicated, it is not surprising to know that people tend to experience more stress and discomfort in their every day lives. Probably brought by different factors, our lives are mostly associarted with stress than happiness and fulfillment.

ZenHealth talks to Rosan Cruz, spiritual healer and teacher, who has found her calling of spreading awareness about healing and reaching out to people who need them the most.

“I can help you discover your limiting beliefs or programs that have been keeping you from moving forward, reverse the negative effect the beliefs have had on you, and create the life you deserve,” Rosan said.

She listed down some of the healing practices she applies to her clients, which she says, help them in shifting from having negative vibes to positive ones.


This one aims to release damaged emotions in a person. Rosan stresses that there are emotional burden and tensions that should all be released to lift up the heaviness in one’s mind and body. In this therapy, sessions can cover hypnotherapy, meditation, visualization, and exercises.

GONG THERAPYRosan Cruz Photo by Dennis Valdes (3)

Rosan uses the Gong Therapy for cancer survivor patients. The sound waves brought by her own Gong, resonates into positive vibes that lifts emotionally burdened bodies and makes them look at the brighter side of life. This therapy is combines with breathing exercises and hand gestures.


Theta Healing enhances emotional and physical well-being through targeting the brain waves. Conversations are key players in this therapy. In this case, Rosan usually talks to the person and eventually, it leads to a lucid dreaming stater.

“I’ll be holding your hand and I’ll bring you up to Theta,” she says. “You will feel a little bit sleepy at times but you’re lucid, you’re talking to me, so it’s a conversation.”

KUNDALINI YOGAWith Kundalini Yoga Level 2 Teacher Harijiwan in Czech

Teaching at Yoga+Express

This type of yoga differs from other yoga techniques. Kundalini Yoga aims at targeting one’s spine—where the dormant energy in one’s body is found.

“When you do Kundalini yoga, it strengthens your intuition and willpower,” she says. “It facilitates in the recovery from many physical, mental, and emotional issues.” Kundalini Yoga also enhances you stamina and tones the body.

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