Healthy Parenting

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Healthy Parenting

Having a child in a marriage is a blessing, but raising them a happy, smart, and healthy child is when the real challenge comes in. Parents are the ones responsible for providing their child’s needs and influencing values in life. They have the biggest responsibility for their children, and it’s not an easy task.Here,we listed some suggestions to help you have a healthy parenting:

Be involved in your child’s life

Every child wants attention in their everyday life, even if it’s a little time. Try to talk with them while eating or before going to bed. Ask them what they feel as it helps them to feel that they are loved and that you are interested in what’s going on in their lives. Play with them, eat with, and make time for them. Show them you care. It will help you understand them. What you do always matters.

Healthy Parenting 2

Establish rules and regulations

Having rules and regulations is the best way for you to protect them. You have the right to refuse what they ask. Spoiling them is not a good way of loving them. If you don’t set rules, they will think that their wrongdoings are fine, and it’s a bad thing for their future because they will have a hard time changing it. But you also have to explain your side and make them understand why you set these regulations so they won’t develop negative feelings toward you.

Be consistent

Many parents always change their rules if it’s not agreeing with them so their children think it’s unfair for them. Being consistent will really help your children to be focused on their decision and be responsible with their actions. Each of us isn’t perfect, but being a considerate one will help us to be good parents.

Avoid harsh discipline

Healthy Parenting 3

Shouting, shaming, and hurting your children is a discipline you shouldn’t do as it may cause trauma and provoke fear and anger towards you. Try to talk to them in a calm tone.It may help you learn about what they think and understand  their bad move. If you’re really angry, try to stay away first and calm yourself. Hurting them can have a Healthy Parenting 4long-term adverse effect. It may result to being a bully or bullied in the future or be afraid from other people.

Treat them with respect

Being parents,we obviously want respect, but respecting our child is also important. Your relationship with your children can affect their relationship with other people. Treat them kindly.Be considerate and try to please them.

It will encourage them to respect you as their parents. ZH

It’s not easy to be a parent but it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Seeing your children happy and healthy is worth all the sacrifices

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