Herbal approach to stroke patients

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A newer and more effective way of managing stroke and neurological patients has come to the Philippines.

E*Chi’mes Pharmaceutical Inc. (ECPI) has given the gift of better chances of faster, full recovery from stroke to its patients through NeuroAid. Through extensive research and product development, the new and improved NeuroAid, presently NeuroAid 2, is now available with expanded coverage in strategic locations across the Philippines.

From 9 herbal and 5 animal ingredients, NeuroAid 2 has reduced the number of ingredients and focused on the 9 herbal ingredients. The regular 10 boxes per month of NeuroAid dosage is now lowered to 1 box per month of NeuroAid 2. The medicine has well established properties which demonstrate boosting natural recovery. Advantages of NeuroAid 2 are: reduced variability; Reduced risk of contamination; avoidance of unnecessary animal slaughter; reduced daily number of capsules to improve compliance; and expected similar or even better safety profile.

With this improved formulation, the patients will have a simpler daily dosage and will reduce the burden of taking too much pills, thus, making compliance to treatment easier.

Direct sale of NeuroAid 2 is available in E*Chi’mes Pharmaceutical Inc.’s office and/or via medical representatives only.

With a decade of success in its hands, E*Chi’mes Pharmaceutical Inc. (ECPI) continues to ascend to greater heights by providing fast and full recovery to stroke and neurological patients in the Philippines.

Mr. Orlando Bautista, president

Mr. Orlando Bautista, president

As testament to their pursuit in offering effective solutions to post-stroke recovery, as well as cognitive decline and traumatic brain injuries, the company is celebrating its 10th year anniversary with the theme: The Flight: Soaring High Through the Wings of Change: E*Chi’mes Pharmaceutical Inc. at 10. This is part of E*Chi’mes Pharmaceutical Inc.’s initiative to commemorate the company’s historical roots from its humble beginnings to its remarkable victories, and to honor the dynamic individuals behind its success story.

In 2008, the doors opened for E*Chi’mes Pharmaceutical Inc. after Moleac PTE LTD Singapore officially partnered with the company to exclusively distribute and market NeuroAid. Through positive feedback from prescribers and patients, sales and demand for NeuroAid increased significantly – driving the company to further develop and improve its services.

Over the years, ECPI managed to spread its wings and further strengthen its ventures, which led to an increase in sales and demand for FDA-approved NeuroAid as a Traditionally Used Herbal Product. Widespread improvement in the company’s culture and an expansion in its roster of efficient team players were also taken into consideration as part of E*Chi’mes’ persistent efforts to earn its respectful place in the pharmaceutical industry.

With the success that’s going on with ECPI, the trusted ally in the neurological field never forgot to give back to the people who supported its advocacy from day one. Community outreach programs were mounted to extend aid to the marginalized in the rural and urban districts. Some of the less fortunate ones in the poor communities of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro also received scholarship and were sent to study in Colegio De San Sebastian.

For the benefit of its employees, ECPI leads the way in providing established enrichment programs and overseas incentive trips.. ECPI also supported and sponsored select doctors in pursuing their CME’s to the European Stroke Organization Convention in Barcelona, Prague, Czech Republic, and to WCN in Kyoto. ZH

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