Here are Some OPM Hits for your Chillax Time

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By Lyka Mae P. Chiang

Music is a man’s daily dose of therapy. It is something that we usually turn to whenever we feel down in the dumps. It’s as though an escape from the bustling world to get the peace of mind our body drastically deserves. Here, we listed some classic and contemporary Filipino music favorites that you’ll surely enjoy if you want some chillax time.

  1. Tadhana by Up Dharma Down

Armi Millare got that “down to the bones chill” vocals that will give you a heartfelt esteem as the sound tingles your hearing. Tadhana captures the soul of every commitment-fearing individual with its compelling lines that trigger kept emotions to be out in the wild. If you’re confused about going for someone you like because something fears you inside, listen to this song and let Armi speak to your heart.

  1. Torete by Moonstar88

We’ve all gone down the road of having been swallowed by paranoia due to lovestruck. This one has a calm beat it does a good job of hiding the genuine sadness beneath the lyrics. Do you know the feeling of having to let go of something or someone you desperately long for that it makes you go ballistic? Well, that’s Torete—heartbreaking lyrics but one for the jam.

  1. Ikaw Lamang by Silent Sanctuary

This is not the one for the “walang forever” believers. Silent Sanctuary is among the classic pinoy bands who speak the minds of teenage hopeless romantics. The tune quite gives the nostalgic campus sense that will remind you of the kilig scenes you had with your high school puppy love. Do you still remember the moment when you thought he was the one fated to love you for all eternal? Well, it’s now either just a printed bittersweet memory, or if you’re a lucky woman, a story to tell your grandchildren. Either way, listening to this song will bring back the good ol’ times.

  1. Malaya by Moira dela Torre

The anthem song of forlorn hearts and fading lovers—the beat, the lines, and the eargasmic touch of Moira’s voice—everything about Malaya will make your heart flinch a little. Just the first few heart-wrenching lines of this song and the bucketful of tears will start to stream down. This has a similar context to Torete, only like a shining sword pierced straight into your heart. Letting go of the one you love the most for the sake of their freedom is something my fragile heart can’t take. I mean, I’m sorry if being with me feels like a confined, depressing prison, David. I’m sorry if my love for you is too much to take in that it made you want to get out. Without me, you’re now free. Ouch!

  1. Hanggang Kailan by Orange and Lemons

I’m quite certain you’ve heard of the line, “Umuwi ka na, baby” even once in your life. This song speaks for all the long-distance lovers who are thriving to make it work. Indeed, the lyrics make you understand the hardship of being far from the person you love. Still, this is something to listen to on a gloomy day especially if there’s a missing piece of puzzle inside you.

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