“IVY AGUAS:” A Fictional Epitome of a Modern ‘Strong and Independent’ Woman

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By Precious B. Llasos

In today’s generation, a woman has evolved to show the modern version of herself as she is ready to step up with her heels decently, and flaunt how totally strong and independent she is in the world’s stride. Even the Filipino teleserye “The Wildflower” tells it all.

Popular fictional character Ivy Aguas, portrayed by the country’s leading actress Maja Salvador from the hit afternoon drama series The Wildflower, has been one of the most talked about lead role in Philippine television today. Maja’s character, Ivy Aguas, caught the attention of the Filipino viewers as she represents the modern woman who is said to be completely strong, smart, fierce, brave, and independent which every breed of women can be.

Here are the reasons why Ivy Aguas is the new face of a modern strong and independent woman.

  1. She’s a combination of sexy and beautiful, and she knows how to use it.



Ivy Aguas is a woman of beauty and sexiness. Women of today can choose whatever life decisions they want as long as they are happy and contented. A modern woman has a mind of her own and knows how to handle herself. We’re in the new age where women can modestly and freely flaunt themselves the way they want to. Part of women’s cravings is to be sexy, not to seduce or lure men but to unleash their inner confidence even without bragging their appearance.

2.She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.



Being tough and assertive are some of the traits Ivy Aguas has. A modern woman knows how to get what she wants. Even if it’s a little risky, she’s still up for challenges. She’s a woman with many plans and goals in life and knows how to overcome them without hesitating. If nothing works, she’ll eventually strive harder independently because she believes in her own strengths and capabilities without relying on someone else.

2. She can stay calm even her enemies are around.


Instead of making a scene when her enemies are around, Ivy Aguas opts to stay calm. Being quiet and snobbish to what her enemies say bad about her is the right way to defeat them. In here, she simply shows her strength which makes her even braver and fiercer because she knows that it makes her more beautiful not to fight back. In other words, it’s better to be calm than to get angry because if you do the latter, you’ll get ugly and you will realize how bad it is.

3.  She’s tough but also has a soft heart.

Ivy Aguas is not only the revengeful type of a woman but she is also softhearted when difficulties occur. A tough woman doesn’t mean she’s the baddest. It just makes her strong and durable in order to pass the test she’s aiming for, but she definitely cares about the people she loves the most.

4.  She’s an island and she can handle herself.

Ivy Aguas is not only a strong and tough type of woman but also she manages to be independent. She doesn’t need men to make her feel complete. Yes, women crave to be loved and feel some romance, but she also wants to endure herself to stand on her own feet without depending on others because she wants to prove something. Long ago, women were not allowed to work and make their own salary. But today, there are many women who conquer the world and become more successful as they can keep pace with men.


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