Lipstick Brands for Career Driven Filipina

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Local Lipstick Brands

Local Lipstick Brands for the Working Filipina 

            Lipstick is a woman’s best friend. You feel low about yourself and suddenly, putting on a lipstick can give you an immediate boost. You feel insecure? It makes you confident. You feel afraid? It gives you a brave aura. You feel beautiful? Well, it adds up to the glow. It has always been part of a woman’s daily essential. In fact, for a career woman, lipstick is a go-to weapon in taking on the challenges of the day and her reliable ally in achieving her goals.

In so many ways, lipstick has helped women express themselves. And because we know just how much the expression of individuality meant for a career-driven Filipina, we listed several local lipstick brand collections you still might not know about but ones you must try to help bring out the unique and beautiful qualities in you!

1My Lips but Better Ultra Matte Lippie by Happy Skin

Happy skin My Lips but Better Ultra Matte Lippie collection includes the shades named after admirable women qualities such as Courage, Spunk, Wonder, Authenticity and Maxie.

This collection provides an ultra-matte finish while optimizing hydration within the lips at the same time. Because Happy Skin believes that simplicity is beauty, this simple collection will rock your everyday, effortless beauty office look.

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2K-beauty All-day Intense Matte Lipstick by BLK

This K-beauty shades from Anne Curtis’s own make-up line BLK which include the peach, mauve pink and berry red brings out the trendy fan girl in you. Although this collection is inspired by Korean style, the intense color match perfectly well with the Filipina skin tones. What more, it contains vitamin E and camellia oil to maintain lips’ moisture and for all-day wear. Blk is a cruelty-free make up brand that suits well with a responsible Filipina’s attitude.

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3Beauty Bakery Filipiñana Lipstick

Beauty Bakery’s Filipiñana Lipstick has shades inspired from and named after iconic Filipina personalities known for their unique charm and beauty. It provides a buildable color intensity and you can choose from a wide range of shades depending on what will suit your skin tone best.  The shades also speak strongly of Filipina qualities. Truly a must try for a confident, modern Pinay!

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4Lip in Luxe Matte Liquid Lipstick by Ellana Cosmetics

Matte lipstick is definitely the key to pull off that bold, sophisticated look but what about the issue of cracking,          patching and drying? Ellana has a way to deal with it with their Lip in Luxe Matte Liquid Lipstick collection. It is waterproof, kiss proof and smudge proof and gives a flawless finish that will definitely rock in contrast with a plain and simple office outfit.

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5Pili Lipstick 

With the abundance of lipstick varieties in the market, sometimes it’s a dilemma to choose a tube that fits us well. Pili lipstick offers collections to choose from- the everyday lipstick wear, the sophisticated matte and the classy satiny lipstick that is perfect for special occasions. Plus, it doesn’t just cater to your style, it actually has active ingredients of pili and elemi oil that keeps your lips moisturized- a wise choice!

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6Vice Cosmetics Water Gel Lip and Cheek Tint Collection

A collection of naturally funky colors that fit those who want a fun yet fresh look. Vice Water Gel and Lip Check tint is a paraben-free, long lasting lippie wear. If you want to highlight that fresh and natural Pinay beauty then go for this one.

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7Velvet Matte Lipstick by Pink Sugar           

Another must add in your make up kit is the Creamy Matte Collection by Pink Sugar. This is another local brand that is Paraben-free and features a variety of shades that goes perfectly well with different skin tones. The creative names of each shade reflect the creativity of every Filipina.

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8KJM Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Tint

Subtle colors for a subtle Filipina spirit. The lip and cheek tints of KMJ All-Natural Cosmetics is another local brand from Davao that’s getting all the internet buzz because of its vibrant colors that contrasts perfectly with the Filipina skin color. This tint is a time-saver because it is so convenient and easy to apply. A must have for a busybody!

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9Sooper Beaute So Matte Lipstick

Most times, the everyday hustle and bustle of working in a City leaves no time for putting make up while sitting pretty before a mirror. In such cases should one own a So Matte Lipstick from Super Beaute. It is a three-way lipstick that can also serve as a blush and eyeshadow. Indeed, a time-saver plus you don’t have to carry much for a retouch! It comes in a Filipina-friendly variety of shades named Hydra, Lyra, Tucana, Vela, Lynx and Draco.

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10Kiss and Tell Semi Matte Lipstick

This is high time to be wary of the products that we apply on our skin especially that commercial cosmetics contains chemicals that are labeled “moderate to high hazard.” Kiss and Tell is a cruelty-free local brand that prides itself for their long wearing, highly-pigmented and all-natural lip creams. Truly a match for natural Pinay beauty.

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11Snoe Cosmetics Rogue Deluxe Exotique Lipstick 

Who says you can’t pull off a bold color? Snoe cosmetics brings you Rouge Deluxe Exotique with an assortment of ultra-intense color lip sticks that has a lasting full coverage and doesn’t feather. If you ever feel you need an extra ounce of boost to take on long, challenging hours in the office, go and don the bold!

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12Everyday Love+ Nude Lips

The continuous evolution of trends brings nudes as the new rave. We’re all geared towards a more natural, fresh look and nude lipsticks do just that by blending with the natural shade and color of our skin. The thing is, nude mattes more often patch, crack and make lips chap. Nude Lips by Everyday Love+ is a matte liquid lipstick that gives a creamy matte finish that doesn’t dry or flake upon application. It is also water and smear proof So you can wear it all day without worrying about a haggard look.

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Colourette is another local brand that uses natural ingredients to create cosmetic products. Colourstick is one of Colourette’s lipstick variants that has a wide range of shades from nudes to pinks to reds that are very pigmented and easy to blend. The natural actives such as vitamin C and E and collagen keeps the lips from drying and chapping and maintains its plump, pouty feature.

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14Stannic Matte Lipstick by Detail Makeover

Stannic Matte Lipstick by Detail Makeover provides a high-impact metallic color that is long wearing and moisturizing. It comes in four stellar shades- all promising of a classy, fabulous look.

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15Human Nature Color Crème Lipstick

Color Crème Lipstick by Human nature is infused with natural oils and cocoa butter that melts at body temperature so it could be easily absorbed by the lips. This is a must -have for those with dry lips because it sets in a shiny finish and keeps lips moisturized. This lipstick is 100% natural which means it might expire earlier compared to other brands and must be kept properly but will certainly also protect your lips 100%.

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