Living by yourself during the pandemic?

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By: Christine Angela Ilagan

Living alone during this pandemic might leave you lonely and scared at times. Even if you find pleasure in solitude or you probably belong to a group of introverted individuals, still living alone during this pandemic can be pretty tough especially when you’re single and you’re loved ones or you’re your friends are too far from you.

Though it’s hard to live alone during this pandemic, it leaves us no choice but to enjoy the solace of being alone and be stronger. Knowing that even if we’re far from our family, still, we have less anxiety of bringing home any sickness as we go out daily to work. So, here are the tips for Solo-Quarantine warriors:

  1. Never let fear rule you out

While COVID-19 cases in our country increases day by day, it’s easy to fall into the trap of fear, particularly when you’re alone. This fear even creeps in as you experience COVID-19 symptoms a few days after going out to buy some groceries or days after going back home after work.


Though having certain fear is healthy, letting it control your mind lead to a bigger stress and might even worsen your condition.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stress during this pandemic outbreak can sometimes lead to difficulty sleeping and even deteriorate our overall health including our mental health. And chances are, if you’re sleep deprived, the body’s immunity goes down which makes us even more susceptible to COVID-19.

connect-friends-iaBear in mind that if we let too much fear dwell in our minds, it will just make the situation and even our condition get worse. So, don’t allow your mind to gravitate towards fear instead increase your productivity, and more importantly your faith in God.  When you’re feeling anxious, take time to pray or meditate. Stay connected to your loved ones and your friends online. It’s also important to talk to the right people, choose people who you think can help you get over when fear is taking you down.

  1. Avoid Too much Idleness

Doing nothing once in a while is no doubt beneficial. However, too much idleness isn’t too good. Have you heard the phrase “The idle mind is the devil’s workshop”? This is because idleness gives our mind the opportunity to have an outpour of thoughts which makes us so vulnerable to negative thoughts.

98b79a4e-fefb-11e8-aebf-99e208d3e521And again, too much and improper management of negative thoughts can lead to anxiety and fear. So, every time you have ample of free time, take it as a chance to be more productive and physically active. You may start exercising, read books, meditate, listen to uplifting songs, do some art work, meet your family virtually, and do some general cleaning to take your mind off from negative thoughts.

  1. Take good care of your body

As we go on a solo-quarantine in our own abode, it’s definitely important to stay healthy as we don’t have someone to take care of us whenever we’re feeling sick. This means that we have to be extra cautious each time we go out to buy the essential things we need.

117665153_929650587502515_3033599959450519304_nYou may also store a good number of vitamins, over the counter drugs for headache, fever, and flu. On top of that, store enough nutritious food. Take time to exercise and have enough sleep. Instead of using the elevator to work, you can also use the stairs. Experts suggest to have at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily for adults.

  1. Cut expenses by prioritizing what is needed and less on wants

Cut-ExpensesOne of the lessons this pandemic taught is to prioritize only what is needed, to only spend on what is important. For expensive clothes and lifestyle are by no means useful right now. May we take this time to cut back on expenses by focusing only on the necessary and very less on our wants. One good and practical tip from financial experts to minimize expenses is to cook your own meals instead of ordering online. By doing so, you can practice your cooking skills and save some money.

Financial gurus explained that we have to focus our expenses on food, family’s needs, phone/internet service, healthcare, and housing. With that, planning out and listing down all your bills and expenses will be a good idea. It’s a must that we know where we put our money into, through that we can manage it properly.

Other than these, we have to cut back our expenses so we can have savings for future and emergency purposes. Keep in mind that it’s a lot better to save these days so when this pandemic ends, you still have enough money for leisure.

  1. Secure cash on hand

True it may seem to use cashless payment to minimize contact and avoid touching hard currency, but going to the local market to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits may not be applicable. And also, there are stores in our country who would still opt for cash.TC_How-to-Save-more-as-a-Couple_rajys9

Aside from these facts, it’s important to set aside some cash which could be good enough to cover weeks to buy essential goods and for safety reasons.

  1. Retool your skills and learn something new

You might have hunkered down some pretty good novels, or binge-watched your favorite all-time series after work or during the weekend to kill time and boredom. However, if you want some growth, you need to have an initiative and desire. Now, it’s even easier to attend some classes as most learning providers conduct it online. Plus, some are free.cover_1242_9e2ef371b9edb8c5bad6c16e70e4d8e9

Take this time to learn more about financial management, get online certification courses and upgrade your skills.

As we know, this pandemic will not last forever. We’ll soon go back again with our family and hang out with our friends.

You might be living alone due to some circumstances but let’s make sure that we will get out of this pandemic wiser and stronger. May our solitude give us also the chance to do some self-reflection and get back in touch with your own emotion and inward self.



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