Liza Soberano as Darna

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Darna - Liza HERO

By Lyka Mae P. Chiang

Since the appearance of our very own iconic superhero comics by Mars Ravelo in 1950, we have seen a lot of faces of Darna not only on the big screen but also on television. We usually think of her as the Filipino version of Wonder Woman, and of course, only women with strong guts are eligible to play for the role.

Portraying Darna is like winning the Binibining Pilipinas crown, but instead of the crown, the successor gets the white stone. People always look forward to whoever will act for the next remake. That’s why when the latest title heir was announced to be Liza Soberano, mixed reactions, especially from netizens, arose. But does Liza really have what it takes to be our next Darna?

  1. She’s a great actress

Liza has already proved herself to be an A+ when it comes to acting. Don’t deny that she hasn’t caught your heart with her job in her previous dramas “Got to Believe,” “Forevermore,” and “Dolce Amore,” and romantic films “My Ex and Whys,” “Everyday I Love You,” and “Just the Way You Are.” Surely, even her eyes speak out the lines even before she voices them out. And so, she deserves to be given the chance to prove once more her worth as an actress.

  1. Because our favorite Darna says so

No wonder Angel Locsin was one of the best Darnas we’ve ever had. Not only had she got the perfect Pinay features but she also possessed a strong personality that fit her best for the role. With this, we must trust her instincts. In an interview, Angel stated that she was very excited for Liza and even passed on her Darna comic books, which had helped her a lot during her days as Darna 10 years ago, to the actress. So hopefully, those books can also help Liza improve herself and achieve the best version of Darna she can be.

  1. She promises to be

Now that she has been given the part to represent the female superhero, Liza strives to meet the people’s expectations by giving her “more than 100 percent” for the project. And hey, director Erik Matti wouldn’t have chosen her if he wasn’t certain of her capabilities, right?

Well, as of now, we can do nothing but to wait until the new Darna is released. But let’s keep the faith in Liza and let her work her charm. We’re sure she’s a strong and intelligent woman who is ready to learn new things so there should be no reason for anyone to bring her down. ZH

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