Local Brands for the Rainy Season

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Monsoon or rainy season is here yet again and those dark, heavy clouds have been overshadowing most of the days. While it is tempting to stay indoors and tuck yourself in bed – with matching hot coffee and the newest flick from Netflix – reality is most of us have daily responsibilities and duties to attend to. So to lessen the hassle of those unannounced rains or the traffic brought by the sudden floods, below are some of the rainy season must-haves all carried by our very own local brands


Who does not know this shoe brand? Being one of the ‘veterans’ when it comes to ladies shoes, Primadonna has definitely proved why it withstood the test of time. One of the reasons is their capability to know what to offer the public at the EXACT right time – just like their rain boots that come out during the monsoon season. Rain boots, you say? Don’t get the wrong idea because all their rain boots are stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, durable.




Established in 2008, this brand is quite popular especially to those who love street wear. Most of their designs are influenced by comics, movies, skateboarding, streets, and people. But don’t worry if you don’t have the same taste because Gnarly! also carries some products that will suit practically any kind of style. Their hoodies and jackets are perfect to keep you dry and warm during the heavy rains. The pop of color from their designs also instantly adds life to the gloomy ambiance.




Also considered a fashion veteran especially when it comes to pashmina, Anna Pashmina remains to be the only specialty store of its kind in the country. Their wide selection of shawls and scarves – from sizes, colors, materials or designs – has made this brand a go-to for all fashionistas out there. And now that the rainy season is here, Anna Pashmina’s products are just perfect to use to add more style to any outfit. Plus, their shawls and scarves provide warmth against the cold weather.




Started in 2014, Pink Sugar Cosmetics is a proud Philippine brand that provides premium quality cosmetics at reasonable prices. What’s more, all their products are paraben-free and cruelty free. They also carry a wide selection of products with variety of colors made specifically for Filipina skin aka morena complexion. But for the season, their best-sellerSugartint Lip and Cheek Tint is the impeccable choice. A lot of patrons swear to the staying power of this lip and cheek tint that no rain can easily erase. So whether you run in the rain or stay indoors all day without retouch, you’re guaranteed to have that no-fuss-but-still-fresh look.



And in case work or class gets suspended…


It’s time to have that quality sleep! Sorry dear ol’ pajamas but you would have to step aside for now as a new trend is dominating the country when it comes to comfortable sleepwear! The onesies from Snooze PH are not just relaxing to wear but they are uber cute too! Honestly speaking, it would be too hard to sleep right away after wearing the onesies because anyone would be tempted to take selfies or groufies first. So in case your work or class gets suspended, treat yourself with some fine coffee, a good movie, and a comfortable onesie.SnoozePH_02SnoozePH_01


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