Kim Jone’s Story of Loving Oneself to Finally Finding Love

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Filipino-British model, blogger, surfer Kim Jones-Rosales tells us about her life in Australia, what made her stay in the Philippines, her newfound fame, her life’s passions and purpose, how she met the love of her life, and her new role as Mrs. Rosales



Her growing up years were spent finding what she really wants in life. The girl from Adelaide, Australia went from being a student to a juggler of nine jobs, before dropping herself to a completely new place – the Philippines.

“I ended up loving it,” Kim Jones says in her cute Aussie accent as she sits comfortably at the other side of the bed-hair tied in a messy bun, beautiful even without make-up, and just her usual self behind the camera.

Kim was having what she calls as “quarter life crisis,” when, after going in and out of jobs, and finally landing in banking, she realized that was not something she really wants to pursue in the long run.

She has the inner volition to chase something – something that will make her alive, empowered, and inspired.

And she started by getting in touch with her roots.

Mango Red DressThe Filipino-British beauty, whose mother hails from Davao, took a five-week leave from her work as a bank teller and went to Manila.

Her experience of sleeping on the floor for five weeks at her extended family’s house, feeling at home, grounded, and safe, and away from glamorous hotel accommodations and luxury services, made her fell in love with the country.

When she went back to Australia, the then 22-year-old girl left her job at the corporate world, sold her car, leased her apartment, and gave away everything she had before buying a one-way ticket back to the place where she found life and love.

On her own

Kim did not mind the crazy weather, traffic, and the busy city life that welcomed her. What she felt are those little first-time jitters of being alone in a foreign land.

“It was more just the feeling that I plucked myself out of the place that I had known for my whole life. And literally just drop myself to a place I didn’t know,” Kim reveals.

For months, Kim lived with her brother, who was also into modeling, but eventually had to venture out on her own when he decided to go back to Australia.

Amidst all the butterflies in her stomach, Kim Jones started with commercial modeling which, she said, was “incredibly bad”.

Kim recalls, “I was an extra for a shampoo commercial with Angel Locsin and I get 15 hundred pesos for an entire days work as an extra and I was so incredibly bad at being on camera that the director was actually like sort of raising her voice at me, telling me to, you know, not face away from the camera, not block the camera’s views, and the celebrity.”

“You know my big moment, my being seen in the commercials got cut out, so I was like, ‘this is not meant for me,’” she says with a hearty laugh.

It also came to a point when Kim felt that things are not turning the way she wants it.

Surely, Kim knows that models who come here, or those who have traveled and lived abroad, have also gone passed the phase of having their peaks and lull factors in their runway careers.

“It occurred to me many times that perhaps I should consider going back. I really wanted stability in my life. Something that I love but would obviously provided an income,” Kim says.

The idea of taking the England path, where she was born, was maybe the way to find the career she wants.

She adds, “It is very disheartening and discouraging but I truly believed that God has plans for me here and those seasons were all part of the puzzle of my journey here.”

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“I don’t say that I enjoyed them but at the end of the day, it shaped me, it molded me.”

Starting on her own, Kim braved all these challenges. This tough and believer woman rented a unit in Eastwood while she started chasing go-sees, landing a few small roles in commercials and print ads, before clinching her first major endorsement.

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Summer and Surfing

This girl, who can “take the heat over cold any day,” is a lover of being under the sun.

And by being under its scorching heat, Kim’s favorite activity is none other than going to the beach and catching waves.

She says that the biggest reason why she, and husband Jericho Rosales, love to surf so much is because of its lifestyle. And that’s what they want to share to people.

“It’s the surf culture. It’s not just a sports. It’s not just about hanging loose. There is a big part of the culture you just have to experience it yourself,” she says citing some best surfing getaways like La Union and Siargao.

She adds, “When you’re on the water, and you catch a wave, it’s a very fleeting moment, you know, you’re removed from technology, from emails, from deadlines. It’s just a beautiful place to breathe in, relax, and recharge.”

But this doesn’t mean that Kim cannot stand lazing around the house.

When at home, Kim, who has a penchant for the creative side, would like to exercise what she learned from studying interior architecture in Australia.

“I’m such a lola. Like I just love to wake up in the morning and then fix the house, look for inspiration and for interiors,” Kim relays, stressing that they are currently renovating their house to make it more of a home as she starts a family with her husband.

On being Mrs. Rosales

It was March of 2011 when Kim met actor Jericho Rosales.

Never did it cross her mind that a certain “date with an artista” can eventually lead to exchanging vows by the beach.

“It’s not really interesting,” she recalls with a smile, though admitting a bit that she may have flirted a little.

Her make-up artist friend, Effie Go, had arranged a blind date for her with the matinee idol.

“She told me that she wanna meet me this artista, and I wasn’t really interested kasi I did not wanna go showbiz . Show business was not something in my side.”

But the two eventually ended up having a great time together with friends.

However, sparks were not there yet.

“We weren’t there yet, it wasn’t love at first sight or anything,” she says.

They did not communicate for two months but their common interests led them together—surfing and travelling.

They went to La Union where Jericho taught Kim how to surf.

And from then on, Kim and Echo wrote their very own love story.

On May last year, Jericho and Kim tied the knot in a beach side wedding in Boracay, following a romantic proposal in 2013 at their church.

Fast forward after a year, Kim says that they are in their most beautiful phase of their lives yet.

On her married life, Mrs. Rosales says, “It’s great. It’s definitely hard work. It’s challenging. You know I’m not going to say that marriage is all rose, petals, and romantic nights. It is a challenge. It’s a beautiful challenge.”

Top and skirt from designer Anthony Ramirez

Top and skirt from designer Anthony Ramirez

Being a team, she says, is what keeps them strong.

And this encompasses having to deal with a lot of adjustments, decision-making, and change of priorities.

“We’re just getting use to being with each other, being there all the time, getting use to see each other, you know, it’s not just me anymore.”

Miss Jones and her purpose

Since venturing into modeling and fashion, Kim started out her personal blog,, which serves as her avenue to inspire people.

“I really want my website to be a tool. For me it is so much more than a blog. It’s so much more for me. It is so much than the outfits I wear or whatever. It’s really a platform for me to able to share, to hopefully inspire,” she says.

Her blog has also lead her to gaining a spot as one of the most influential fashion and lifestyle bloggers in the country today, having worked with top local and international brands, and featured advocacies that anchor on difference and change.

One of the advocacies she supports is Rags 2 Riches, a beautiful way to promote empowered younger Filipina artists in the Philippines.

For this woman, who definitely found the ground she has been looking for, being married is not a hindrance in having your own identity.

She recognizes the attention of being a celebrity’s better half but she makes sure that who she is will never be hidden in her husband’s shadows.

“As much as Echo is a huge part of my life, we both want to keep our identities as well. We both have different things,” she says.

What she wants to impart to women is the idea that she can marry, have a family, be a home maker, and yet still have her own purpose.

Kim says, “The person you marry does not determine who you are as a woman, and I feel the same way about us. Echo feels the same way as well. I have my own direction, my own dreams, my own desires, he has his. And we have ours as a couple but it’s important that you maintain your individualities,” she says.

This woman knows well her path. She aims not to settle to where and what she is right now. Positive changes and further learning are her companion in living a full life of endless possibilities.

“I always want to try something and I always want to do things that scare me. Sometimes, they work sometimes they don’t.”

In the end, Kim knows where she is heading.

“I had so many jobs, mini adventures before I got to where I am now. And I would love it to serve as a reminder that each girl has their own purpose and whatever it is the desire that they have to pursue what they want to pursue is there for a reason and to follow it.”

Kim Jones has gone a long way since she poured out her heart and soul to finding her own path –from that small town girl in Australia to being one of the best fashion and lifestyle bloggers in the country.

Her story is an inspiring one to modern Filipinas who are in the phase of chasing dreams and finding their passion.

Hers is a story of loving oneself and finally finding love, all because she has a purpose.

And from there, she believed.

“The person you marry does not determine who you are as a woman, and I feel the same way about us. Echo feels the same way as well. I have my own direction, my own dreams, my own desires, he has his. And we have ours as a couple but it’s important that you maintain your individualities”

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