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nails CAN TELL

BY: Nina Elyca J. Rabadam

Fingernails provide clues to what medical condition you may be experiencing. Take a few moments to examine them, and check for signs such as ridges, discolorations, and unusual shapes, as they may tell you that you need to make that visit to physician, and have a health check!

  1. CLUBBED NAILS300px-Acopaquia

Nails which grow around swollen finger ends may point to emphysema, tuberculosis, cancer, or  cardiovascular disease.

  1. SPOON NAILSspoonnails

Nails may be flat or may look scooped out. Individuals with this kind of fingernail may have iron deficiency anemia or thyroid diseases.

  1. BEAU’S LINES NAILSM-NA1108disease-beaus

Which are depressed furrows across the nail plate, result from emotional  disturbances, severe illness or injury, or infections. It may also indicate an individual’s lack in having a good nutrition.

  1. MEE’S LINES NAILS1024px-Mee's_lines

Are vertical white streaks which may indicate arsenic poisoning , kidney failure, heart attack or sickle-cell anemia.

  1. TERRY’S NAILS NAILS800px-Terry's_nails

Is the condition in which the nail bed has  dark, pink to brown band near the tip. This condition may also indicate cirrhosis.


Nails, in which the half near the tip appears brown, and may point to kidney failure.

Nail plates which are unusually narrow and long suggest a pituitary hormone deficiency.

Chronically chipped, and sawtooth nails may suggest damage resulting from exposure to household or occupational chemicals.


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