PASSION TO ACTION: Modern Women Who Turn Their Passion into Business

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There’s a saying, “Do what you love and you don’t have to work for a single day in your life.” These words are probably the inspiration behind the stories of three successful women who found their deepest passions and turned them into brands that are not only uniquely made but are also socially responsible. Let’s hear their stories.

BEATNIK by Tin Dayrit

Tin Dayrit

Tin Dayrit

BEATNIK is a handmade genuine leather goods brand that is put up single-handedly by mompreneur Tin Dayrit. It all started with her fascination with local, genuine leather and its potential to be made into wide range of products. But she admitted that while there’s no doubt she loves leather products, making them is a different story. That’s the reason why she took up various leather crafting workshops, and through hardwork and dedication, she eventually honed her skills and finally introduced BEATNIK to the local market.

Now that BEATNIK has penetrated the local scene, what are the biggest challenges you encounter and how do you manage them? 

Leather 2

Right now my biggest challenge is keeping up with production demands as my capacity is restricted to only one set of hands. The holiday season is especially challenging because most people buy in bulk. A lot of weddings and events happen as well during this time. This is why I start building inventory as early as July or August. I’m currently in the process though of gathering and training a small team of crafters who can help me with production.

How do you envision your business in the next 5 years?  

I see the business growing and moving out of my small workshop at home. I want to have a proper office and a larger work area for a team. I want to be available in more stores, and offer a wider range of products, specifically bags. I also want to be able to regularly make bespoke products, because as of the moment I only accept requests depending on production load.

Leather 1

Tips to women who want to turn their passion into their own business: 

Whatever it is, just start it. No matter how small, despite doubts and fears, despite hesitations because of responsibilities and expectations, just start it, and you can learn and adjust along the way. There will never be the most perfect time to do it. So be firm on your vision, set your goal, and go for it. Keep on taking steps forward and keep pushing yourself slowly but surely towards it. As long as you feel passionate about your business or project, and as long as it ignites a fire inside of you, you’ll be surprised at your own capacity to handle all its demands, and you’ll find strengths you never knew you had.

THE SOAP STORY by Angelica Jizmundo

Angelica Jizmundo

Angelica Jizmundo

The story behind “The Soap Story” all began with a mother’s love for her son. Angelica Jizmundo gave birth to a son named Yiel who as a baby had very sensitive skin. While looking for a solution, Angelica came across an organic olive oil soap that miraculously worked on his son. Since then, she got inspired to create her own line of soaps that can help not only mothers, but all people, with the same condition. After almost a year of research and development, The Soap Story was born.

It took almost a year to perfect your soap formulas. Where do you get your raw materials? 

We want our product’s raw materials to be sourced locally as much as possible. 95-97% of our raw materials are from the Philippines. We have soaps made of kapengbarako of Amadeo, cocoa butter of Mindanao, honey from Sierra Madre, orange from Sagada, Gugo from Batangas, even aloe vera from my own garden.

Competition in the market can be quite stiff. How do you deal with it?
Honestly, I used to worry about competition, but now I learned that competition is good for handmade soap industry. The market is big and I just need to focus on improving my soaps and be unique as I can be. Handmade soaps here in the Philippines are truly unique. We have very creative soapmakers, and our local raw materials are now being sought after by other soapmakers abroad, for example our elemi from Bicol. 

Tips to women who want to turn their passion into their own business:

Just do it! Surround yourself with people who have the same heart as yours, always be unique, and be true to your advocacy, always.


Kim Cunnew

Kim Cunnew

Scrap to Craft. That is one thing this next one exemplifies. From wanting to just simply occupy her free time, she uses her talent to create pieces of artwork from junksthat became the centerfold of her growing business today. Unlike the usual jewelry shops you see, she uses recyclable materials, applies her creativity, and then produces these amazing handmade jewelry.

Your products are all eco-friendly. Where do you source your materials?

I try, wherever I can, to think about all aspects of my products in their design and packaging from using recycled paper, making my display boxes from recycled wood etc. I re-use old pieces of jewelry from customers, steal nuts and bolts from our tool collection, reuse copper wires and it goes on.

bag 1

Why do you think, at this time and age, is it important to resort to eco-friendly products?

We see how much garbage ends up in the sea and WE should all think about how we can reduce this. I have identified a small part in SEA GLASS and I will continue to think about what else I can do. At home we try and make use of anything we can such as we have started to recycle bottles, making them into drinking glasses and glasses for soya wax candles etc. [soya wax produces less soot when it burns]. We use baking soda and vinegar as cleaning products in the house. I believe the whole household has become more in tune with recycling.

Jewelry 1

Tips to women who want to turn their advocacy into business:

I think the previous comment links into this part. I think there are ways that by introducing people into starting with simple steps and helping them identify their talents and then progress from there. ZH

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