Philippine Pole Cup 2017 a huge success!

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By Ma. Regina Gutierrez

In a conservative country like the Philippines, it may seem challenging to introduce a sensual sport like pole dancing. But the recent Philippine Pole Cup 2017 proves that Filipinos are embracing this as a form of art and sport. PPC 2017 is the first and biggest international pole dancing competition to be held in the Philippines. Organized by Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio, PPC aims to unite the pole dance community in the Philippines and around the world to promote pole dancing as a form of fitness. With 11 countries participated, pole athletes from Japan, Italy, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, France, Korea, Russia, and Taiwan, showcased their world-class talents and competed to win the title as the first Philippine Pole Cup champion.

Jamaica Jornacion, the head organizer of PPC 2017 and one of the owners of Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio,

Jamaica Jornacion, the head organizer of PPC 2017 and one of the owners of Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio

Jamaica Jornacion, the head organizer of PPC 2017 and one of the owners of Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio, said in an interview that it was a dream to make PPC happen. “We are making names sa ibang bansa pero dito wala.” She added that they have been traveling outside the country to compete internationally. Her vision was to bring pole athletes from other countries in the Philippines to compete and make the public witness the artistry of pole dancing.

Breaking the stereotype

Pole dancing is more than just being sexy. The pole dance is a discipline that combines dance and acrobatics. This requires strength, endurance, flexibility, and sensuality. Jamaica shared that during her time, it was difficult to break the stereotype that pole dancing is strip-teasing as there is so much stigma attached to pole that is unreal. She also wanted people to see past the stereotypical stripper view and see pole dancing as a fun way to exercise. “I think now, people are more open-minded…it can be for fitness, it can be an art,” she added.

Geisha ensemble by Keiko Takemoto and Maki Mori

Geisha ensemble by Keiko Takemoto and Maki Mori

Japan wows with their Geisha ensemble

Held last January 14 at the CPR Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Philippine Pole Cup 2017 was attended by fellow pole dancing enthusiasts and non-polers. It was a tough battle as the contestants showed off their sexy and breathtaking routine with their exotic moves, bold costumes, and acrobatic skills.

But the Geisha pair, Keiko Takemoto and Maki Mori of Japan bagged the overall champion for the PPC 2017. Takemoto and Mori also won as the champion for the Professional Duo.


Amateur Women:
1st Runner Up- Raisa Nuzhniak (Russia)
Champion – Abigail Sy (Philippines)

Amateur Men:
Champion – Jay Doncillo

Amateur Duo:
1st Runner Up- Masayuki Kinoshita & Aya Mugita (Japan)
Champion- Noah Yap & Suk Hong (Malaysia)

Semi-Professional Women:
1st Runner Up- Mami Kimura (Japan)
Champion – Siriporn Pumwiset (Thailand)

Semi-Professional Men:
1st Runner Up- Ian Shyu (Taiwan)
Champion – Nique Mancha (Philippines)

Professional Women:
1st Runner Up- Song Yi Lee (Korea)
Champion – Artyushkina Elena (Russia)

Professional Men:
1st Runner Up- Marco Daza (Italy)
Champion – Johnny Villanueva (Philippines)

Professional Duo:
1st Runner Up- Yva Delan & Irene Ng (Singapore)
Champion – Keiko Takemoto & Maki Mori (Japan)

OVERALL CHAMPION – Keiko Takemoto & Maki Mori (Japan)





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