Reasons why you should chop off your hair this summer

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Reasons why you should chop off your hair this summer

Short hair, don’t care!

By Ma. Vanessa L. Estinozo

Be it pixie, layered curls, short or long bob (or the lob), or side swept crop, short hair is definitely in season. Because summer is the second best season in the Philippines, next to Christmas season obviously, it’s the great time to upgrade your home décor, closet, and, of course, your hairstyle.

This summer, be adventurous and try to be a little more daring by chopping off your long locks.

  1. Freedom!

Although messy buns are cute, they won’t be cute when you’ve got sweat all over your neck or in your face and struggling to find that telephone wire scrunchie.

Short hair frees you from tangles and friz.

  1. Takes off years

The typical yet welcomed compliment ‘ang bata mo tignan’ (You look young) will be the type of greeting you want to hear when you come in the office the next day or meet up with your high school friends.

It instantly lifts your face unlike long hair that drags you down and covers face more often if not tied up.

  1. Less hair products

Since short hair tends to be more low maintenance because of the cut back on hair products you use, also short hair saves you of faster shower time.


If these aren’t enough to encourage you chop off your hair or have no idea what hairstyle to get—a bob of a lob (long bob)—take a look at these ladies that match your face shape

Bianca Gonzales

Bianca Gonzales  (oval)

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis  (square)

Erich Gonzales

Erich Gonzales 2

Erich Gonzales  &  (round)

Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin  (oval or heart)

Iya Villania

Iya Villania (heart)

KZ Tandingan

KZ Tandingan  (triangle)

Sharon Cuneta 2

haron Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta &  (round or oval)

Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga (square)

Jodi Sta. Maria

Jodi Sta. Maria   (oval)

Bianca Manalo

Bianca Manalo (long)

Ariella Arida

Ariella Arida  (long)

Laureen Uy

Laureen Uy  (round)

Liz Uy

Liz Uy  (long)

Angelica Panganiban

Angelica Panganiban (round)

Venus Raj

Venus Raj2

Venus Raj & (square)

Kim Jones

Kim Jones (heart)

Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano (oval)

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