Rock Unpredictable Hair Colors anytime, at your Every Whim!

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Have you always wanted to rock unpredictable hair colors anytime, at your every whim? But you worry about how you do not have the guts to do so yet, plus it could be dangerous for your hair and scalp? Fret no more because now you can upgrade your beauty game with washable hair color spray that’s 100% safe: Cospray Washable Hair Spray.

Originally created for fanatic Cosplayers, Cospray Washable HairSpray’s formulation was especially developed with the users’ safety as top priority in mind.

“Five years ago, when we chanced upon a Cosplay event and asked what the cosplayers were using to color their hair, they told us that they used commercial spray paint in cans and used thinner to remove it afterwards,” said Morris Gonzales, founder of SummaTrade, the company that developed Cospray.“This alarmed us that these kids were not aware how these commercial grade spray paints have lead and other toxic ingredients that are not safe to be applied to our scalp and skin since these are easily absorbed. Thus, we developed a safe, dermatologist-tested formula that makes it possible to color hair conveniently, without worrying about bad effects to one’s health,” Morris added.

Made with high quality, food-grade colorants from Germany,Cospray’s formula is FDA-approved, paraben-free and dermatologist-tested. The formula is really mild and safe, that even four-year-old kids can color their hair safely usingCospray.

Cospray 7-Color Collection

Cospray Washable Hair Color Collection in Seven Colors

After years of being the famous go-to color hair spray product among Cosplayers, Cospray can easily be regarded as a must-have beauty item today for those stylish ladies who are not afraid to rock the status quo. Cospray’s 7-color Japanese Chic-inspired collection offers fierce hair color options to ladies who are bored with their hair color. Thanks to the influence of Hollywood’s Kylie Jenner and K-Pop scene’s CL, beauty junkies today are even more adventurous when it comes to trying different hair colors. And with CosprayWashable HairSpray in the market, it is a lot easier to play up with perky hairstyles using its seven different colors, without ever worrying about hair damage!

“Filipinos are emotional, and they love to express themselves. One best way to do that is through their hair colors, “ Morris explained.“Cospray allows the user the flexibility to easily and safely change their hair color depending on their moods.”

Aside from its safe formulation, Cospray allows users to play up with hair colors without putting holes in one’s pocket. Its purse-friendly price allows you to change colors any day you want, at reasonable budget. “Cospray is temporary,and it can easily be washed off by simply shampooing your hair. It is much cheaper than wigs, and a lot more affordable than salon hair treatments.Each bottle is sold at 209 php only.”

Cospray Washable HairSpray comes in seven stunning colors! You may color your hair gold blonde, silver, pink, green, red, blue or violet without fuss using Cospray!


For latest updates about Cospray, you may like its Facebook page: and follow its IG page: @cospraycolor. Cospray Washable HairSpray is available at Puregold, Landmark and selected Mercury Drug branches.


Cospray Washable Hair Color Collection in Gold Blonde:Cospray Blonde Gold


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