Seven Instagrammable Cafés in Manila

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Seven Instagrammable Cafés in Manila

If your hobbies and interest includes taking photos, eating food, travelling, being aesthetic and you happen to also find coffee with a mash up of delicate pastries irresistible? These would probably the best places for you to take photos that would satisfy your need to have that perfect instafeed:

  1. Hustle Café

Hustle Café

            This place will give you the nostalgic urban jungle dream that you see in movies while sipping their special coffee mixes.

  1. Café Oto

Café Oto

            Its awe-spring patterns, chill vibe, awesome music playlists, and a remarkable menu, Oto will definitely become one of your favorite to-go hang out cafés.

  1. The Cheesecake Fairy

The Cheesecake Fairy

            Cheesecake wonderland! This place will bring back your childhood dreamy memories of fairytale stories. Brace your palate with the best bake pastries there is.

  1. The Wander Space

The Wander Space

            The home of local artistry combined with a great café setting. If you support local aesthetics and have a knack for coffee this place will be an eye-opener.

  1. Tsujiri


            If you like sophistication in simple yet it gives a modern touch to it. This would be the place if you like the finest delightful matcha desserts you’ll ever encounter.

  1. Single Origin

Single Origin

            The café’s edgy design that gives an out of country yet New York-ish ambience would make up for the perfect experience and photo ops for both coffee and alcohol junkies with an impressive menu that will sure astonish you.

  1. La Vie Parisienne

La Vie Parisienne

            Love anything from French? Fancy café dinner dates, fancy setting? La Vie Parisienne brings to sneak peak of France. If your ideal place is France this would be the perfect place for you.

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