Sex and Relationships: Dating an Introvert

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Introverts are commonly branded by the society as a negative trait. The social stigma have been existing especially for people who are perceived to unsociable, shy, and prefer to be alone most of the time. Being introvert is not a sign of insecurity. They can much do anything that an extrovert does the only difference is that introvert need time to recharge and be in touch with their selves in solidarity.

It may take a while to peel of their outer layer of being unsociable before they can get comfortable with you but once they do you might not go back in your old ways. Here are the some of the listed reasons why:

  1. They don’t talk too much, they listen.

Unlike extroverts are talkative and outspoken expresses anything that’s on their mind most of the time they like to be center of the conversation, introverts on the other hand are great listeners they are the type people you can easily tell what you’re feeling without being too uptight about it. Introverts are recognized to be knowledgeable when it comes to topics of life experiences, events and personal matters this makes them special in conversations, which draw people to them.

  1. They will connect with you in a personal level.

Since introverts are always in their comfort zone, which is being with themselves, they are always trying to understand their emotions and thoughts.  Introverts do not engaged in small talks they prefer to talk to you in a deeper manner, in which they will want to bond with you in many different ways.

  1. They show their love through action.

Introverts have trouble in expressing their feeling, they are not primarily shy to things like that rather they are more reserved when it their emotions. They won’t open up that easily towards other especially to people that they don’t know that well. However, since they are not expressive with their feelings they will retaliate with their relentless affection and support. They will always make sure that they try to meet your expectations with happiness and love through their own special ways.

  1. Extra-ordinary yet simple dates.

If you’re used in having dates in crowded areas like restaurants, bars, parks, and such you more likely to be surprised and invigorated with the things they prefer when it comes to dating. Introverts like to spend their time reading books, watching movies at home, taking care of their pets, nature-watching, people-watching and everything low-key. At first the idea would seem awkward and usual but it will surely sneak to you and as time goes you will become fond of it.

  1. They put you first and let you shine the brightest.

When introverts are in love, they always put their partners first before themselves and sometimes they care for you that much they forget to take care of their selves. Introverts will try to involve themselves in every decision you make and they will make sure that you will get best result. They will guide you and support you when you are at your lowest.

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