Should Ms. Universe-Philippines Maxine Medina get an interpreter for the Ms. Universe Pageant?

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Should Ms. Universe-Philippines Maxine Medina get an interpreter for the Ms. Universe Pageant

Why not?

We are days away from the much-anticipated 65th Ms. Universe, and we’ve seen our Ms. Universe bet Maxine Medina’s elegant walk, fierce look, and toned body, but netizens worry for her when the Q&A portion comes.

During her sendoff, YES magazine posted a video of Medina sharing her advocacy. Some give out constructive criticisms on how to formulate her answer well and gather her thoughts to relay her message better and clearer.

One commenter wrote:


Another commenter on the video expressed how Medina showed no improvement:


Although many were quick to raise their eyebrows on Medina’s grammar and sentence construction, many are hopeful for her to give the country a back-to-back win, and encouraged Medina to speak in her native language.


Despite the number of bashers, solid Maxine Medina fans send their wishes on her journey for this year’s Ms. Universe.


Former Ms. Universe-Philippines winners and runner ups thought

In one of PTV’s social media post, our country’s first Ms. Universe, Gloria Diaz, was quoted saying: “This is the first time I will meet Maxine and the first thing I will tell her is to get an interpreter if she feels that she can better express her thoughts using our vernacular language.”

Miss Philippines Maxine Medina by George Tapan

Miss Philippines Maxine Medina by George Tapan

In the same way, Miss Universe 2011 third runner-up Shamcey Supsup advised Medina to have an interpreter, then if she feels “she’s comfortable answering it in English, she can opt to answer in English.”

“Hindi nila narerealize na behind all these things, sobrang hirap nang pinagdadaanan ng isang girl to represent the country (they don’t realize that behind all these things, the journey is difficult for a girl to represent the country),” shared 62nd Ms. Universe third runner-up Ariella Arida in an interview with GMA News’ News-To-Go about the

Now that practically days away from Ms. Universe 2017, “There’s nothing wrong in using an interpreter. I’m just here to win…If I need an interpreter, then I will get one,” Medina said in Filipino.

Of course, pageants don’t just highlight the physical beauty anymore. It’s not just how she walks, how she carries herself and represents her country. Ms. Universe, in particular, has been a platform to shed light on important issues in the world, from education to environment conservation, and equality to health awareness.

Majority of Filipinos are fluent in speaking basic English, and to be able to influence a crowd in both languages is something that we should be proud.

If using an interpreter will buy her time to think about the answer and impart her thoughts to the audience, then why not? Medina needs to keep in mind that she is already above those who bash her because to be able to represent the country in an international scene is one of the most prestigious and honorable opportunity anyone can achieve.

Miss Universe bets at Siargao's Cloud 9 by Mac Lubaczewski

Miss Universe bets at Siargao’s Cloud 9 by Mac Lubaczewski

Language does not only determine one’s intelligence in the same way that physical appearance doesn’t only determine one’s beauty.

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