Solve Your Smelly Problems

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BY: Maria Cristina C. Arayata


Of course, it also starts with being clean. What a better way to wash away the sweat and bacteria than to take a bath? When you sweat and let the day past without cleaning your body, you will only allow the bacteria to come to your skin, which will also lead to that foul smell.  Experts   advice the use of antibacterial so to help reduce the bacteria count.


    Woman looking at clothes in a closet

    Woman looking at clothes in a closet

Wearing dirty clothes will defeat the purpose of taking a bath. Please , change your clothes everyday and when it necessary. Don’t ever think that wearing dirty underwear and socks is okay since these little garments are worn inside and are hidden. Save yourself from that foul smell, and from developing other problems like skin disease and athletes foot, among others.

  • BAKING SODA ISN’T JUST FOR BAKINGbaking-soda-is-good-for-whitening-dark-underarms

Baking soda can actually works as an odor neutralizer. A small amount of it can be applied to the under arm to help reduce perspirations. Just apply a little amount of it on your underarm. You can also mix it with cornstarch for better sweat absorption.

  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT DEODORANTwoman-using-roll-on

If you don’t experience excessive sweating, do not use antiperspirants.   Antiperspirants are specially-made for those who have problem with excessive sweating. However, regular use of antiperspirants can actually clog the sweat glands so be wary of cleaning off your deodorants at the end of the day.

Some recommend adding alcohol to the water before using it for your underarms. This will help lessen the body odor.

  • ORAL CARE IS A MUSTBad-Breath-During-Pregnancy

To save yourself from gum problems, tooth decay, and bad breaths, among others. Take note that oral care is a must. Don’t underestimate the power of brushing. Make sure to brush your teeth everyday and after every meal. Gargle with mouthwash for better protection. It also helps to visit a dentist at least twice a year. Proper oral care will prevent halitosis and other problems of the mouth.

  • WATCH YOUR DIETwoman-hold-nose-and-cooking-pot-because-bad-smellDid you know that the food you eat affects your body odor? Point in case is eating spicy food and garlic and onion heavy foods. There’s the big tendency that their smell will go with your sweat and thus giving you bad smell.
  • PREVENTING OR TREATING ATHLETE’S FOOTaid3678062-v4-728px-Clean-Rainbow-Sandals-Step-9

First , towel dry your feet before wearing your shoes. Cotton socks and breathable shoes can help prevent athletes foot. When athlete’s foot is already there, don’t panic. Over –the-counter medication (anti fungal treatment) are available.

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