Staying Safe During Exercise

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By Christine Angela Ilagan


Admit it or not, most of us only try to break free from a sedentary lifestyle during our spare time. We instantly push ourselves with too much exercise without proper safety, groundwork, and knowledge. 


Thus, inadequate education on exercise can lead us to injuries and worst, health risks. 


The problem with too much 


A typical employee is glued to their seats in the office from Monday to Friday and crams themselves to do some work out in their free time. So, with only during the weekend to work out, one tends to go overboard. 


Weekend warrior, as Dr. Philip Aristotle R. Hermida of Manila Med explains, are persons who participate in physical activities (exercise) only during their free time. 


Any form of vigorous activity which only done by an individual during a certain time and not habitual can be a form of a weekend warrior. This includes mountain hiking once a week, jogging every other day, playing sports for longer hours and so on. The perpetrator can be our loaded schedule and day-to-day responsibilities, which leaves us less time to stay active. 


Though doing a one-time exercise is still a lot better than having no exercise at all, doing casual exercise is no exception from its downside. 


With that, weekend warrior commonly suffers from Musculoskeletal injuries. This is because doing a one-time form of vigorous activity can leave the body in-shock after being not in motion for the rest of the week. 


“Ankle sprain, groin pull, hamstring strain, shin splints, knee injury: ACL tear, knee injury; Patellofemoral syndrome, and tennis elbow or epicondylitis, are the top common injuries among weekend warriors,” Dr. Hermida said. 


When injured badly, treatment and surgery are needed. Thus, he added that if someone accidentally ends up having an ACL knee injury, doesn’t mean that you need to undergo surgery, ACL therapy can be managed conservatively. 


Ideally, moving your body even for a short while is much appropriate than doing a strenuous activity all at once. And it’s important to note that moderation is still the key. 


Moreover, equipped with a better idea, preparation, and safety, these injuries could lessen. 


Exercise Safety 


Weekend warriors should put in mind that any form of rigorous exercise, or any physical activity, has corresponding preparation.

And warming up, stretching and cooling down is not to be ignored. These steps are crucial to one’s safety. 


Though, often than not, warming up and cooling down are often used interchangeably. Hence these two have different functions. 


Warm-up is the first step when you’re trying to get into your activity or sports.


“Basically, you start with resting heart rate when you’re seated. This is a gradual increase in your heart rate, your blood pressure, and this can be done by doing some cardio work. this can be done by jogging and jogging in place, jumping jacks, push-ups and so on. This increases the mobility of your joint, in preparation for the main activity or sports,” Dr. Hermida said.


The duration of warm-up depends on what kind of physical activity one will do. However, Dr. Hermida recommended three to five minutes if an individual will do a professional game. 


It’s important to warm up for three to five minutes before starting before doing any strenuous activity. It’s also important to note that stretching should be done after a warm-up. 


Lastly, after doing any form of exercise is to cool down. Cooldown or also called as warm down is done after any activity. 


As cooling down gradually bring our system and body circulation to resting level. 


Paying no attention to cool down can lead to dizziness and even fainting. 


“That’s why you see people faint during exercise because they weren’t able to cool down gradually. So again, the recommendation is too cool down for at least five minutes after every activity, Dr. Hermida pointed out. 


Moreover, use RICE (Rest, Immobilize, Cold compress and Elevate) when an injury occurs. 


Preventative Strategies 


To minimize sports injuries, it is vital to consider the following steps; 

● Take a pre-season medical screening

● Warming up and cooling down

● Do a proprioceptive training

● Don’t forget to do some stretching, taping

● Always have a protective equipment

● Undergo Rehabilitation and education programs 


Thus, though these steps are highly recommended, the most important note to consider before starting any strenuous activities or exercises is always first to consult a doctor. 

Our body condition should be well checked and evaluated before initially taking a new form of activity. Whether it be a sports medicine doctor or a regular doctor can generally help us evaluate the condition of our body at the moment and they can give us better advice before starting any form of exercise. 



Moreover, The ManilaMed Sports and Exercise Medicine Center has the expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and diagnostic capability which can provide medically-sound advice, consultation, and treatment for all ages of clients to stay physically active healthily and safely. 


“Whether you are are an elite athlete, recreational weekend warrior, exercising for the first time, or recovering from heart disease or injury, we at ManilaMed want to address those concerns and make sure individuals exercise safely, get back in the game and feel better,” said Dr. Cuenza.


You may visit ManilaMed-Medical Center Manila’s Sports and Exercise Medicine Center where they offer Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment of Sports Injuries, Sports Orthopedics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Evaluation and Assessment of Sports Performance, Sports Acupuncture, Preparticipation Cardiovascular Screening, and Sports Cardiology Consultations. Contact the Center at 523-81831 local 2300.


Just as we keep focus on doing our best shot at work, your body also needs attention to keep working smoothly. With the help of ManilaMed mainly focused on giving you a boost on health, you can perform at your best.

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