Summer Destinations 2018

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img20170204163542-01By: MONICA VERALLO

The temperature is rising again signaling that summer is just around the corner here in the Philippines. What better way to beat the stressful heat than to search for the perfect travel destinations this 2018. Well, no need to go beyond the country’s borders to make it great unless the 7,107 islands of the Philippines still isn’t enough? In fact, it’s even quite overwhelming and mind-boggling to choose from all the options. So, to help you with your travel plans, here’s a list of awesome –yet not so crowded- places to visit this year.


Dubbed as one of the most mysterious places to visit in the Philippines, Siquijor is more known for practitioners of folk magic. Famous tourist attractions here are its mesmerizing waterfalls like the Cambugahay Falls and Kawasan Falls. If you’re more of a beach bum, be careful, as you might get stunned upon seeing the beauty of Paliton Beach. Also to name a few more splendid ones are the Sandugan Beach, Kagusuan Beach and Salagdoong Beach.

CatanduanesCatanduanes Scenery

We all know that it takes so much to get to Batanes, so, here’s an alternative that’s easier to go to and more budget-friendly as well. Say hello to Cantanduanes! Labeled as the “land of the howling winds,” Catanduanes may be prone to typhoons but it is definitely a province that will blow you away with its strong ocean breeze, picturesque grasslands, serene mountaintops and towering cliffs. Like Batanes, Catanduanes is filled with instagram-worthy rock formations. Good news for history buffs as well since there are several historical sites in this beautiful land.

SamarSamar Cave

Extreme outdoor adventurers call Samar the country’s caving capital. Without a doubt, it lives to its dub, as there are countless caves to explore on this island. Speaking of, it houses the country’s largest caving system, the Langun Gobingob Caves, specifically in Calbiga. This cave system is so massive that even a couple of football stadiums can fit. Hence, if you desire a fun adventure this year, don’t forget to include Samar and go cave exploring for a new.

Kalanggaman Island, LeyteKalanggaman Island Leyte

Rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after places to visit in the Philippines, Kalanggaman Island is a tremendously gorgeous white sand bar also known as the crown jewel of Leyte. This ultimate beach break even consistently draws the attention of plenty international cruise ships despite the absence of electricity here. Relying on a few solar-powered lamps around, it is a good place to get secluded with nothing but just bare essentials.

Don Salvador BenedictoDon Salvador Benedicto

Just like Baguio, Don Salvador Benedicto is known as the Summer Capital of Negros Occidental. Besides the pine trees and cool climate, it houses the refreshing Malatan-og Falls, which is a favorite spot for tourists in the area.

From falls, to beaches, to grasslands, rock formations, caves, and even historical sites, these are just a few of countless travel destinations to go to this summer. So what are you waiting for? Make your summer 2018 worthwhile by putting these on top of your itinerary. Enjoy!

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