Summer Fashion 2017: What’s Hot and Not

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By Monica Verallo

The month of March in the Philippines marks the start of one of the most awaited season of the year – summer! Many people love it not just because of the sunny vibe, but also because of the fashion trends that come with it. But summer does not only mean bikinis, tank tops, or flip flops. On the other hand, summer can be the most exciting and definitely most colorful time of the year to dress up and do some mixing and matching. Below is your guide to know what’s hot as the season in the fashion world.

Ultra bright 


It is quite expected that bright colors will dominate the season, but this year, it has taken a step further. Bright colors from head to toe – top, bottom, shoes – is the new way to wear it. Ladies who love pink will surely take advantage of this season as this color tops the bright hues. But if you’re not the Elle Woods type (remember Legally Blonde?), you may take your pick from any of the bright colors in the color wheel. Just remember: wear LOTS of it.

Floral fever 


Another trend that has taken its influence a step further are the florals. Just like bright colors, the new way to wear this style is to wear it from head to toe. This may come as a bit too much for some, but for the bold and daring, this one is a real must try. Go for the big prints and interesting fabric textures to show that ultimate summer feel.

Graphic stripes 


If you’re not into florals (and you find plains a bit too boring for your personality), stripes might just be the right one for you. Statement stripes are another trend that’s making full throttle dominance this season. And what’s really interesting is that you may mix and match the prints and still look hot.

Deconstructured shirt 


All the styles mentioned above cater mostly to the ‘girly’ type of women. So the next question is, how about the ‘not-so-girly’ ones? Thank God for the trusty shirt, this old pal is not going anywhere but on top of the fashion list. Not only is it making a mark this season, but shirts are actually evolving and getting more interesting. The off-shoulder and crop top crazes are staying, but apart from that, ruffles, over-sized sleeves and peek-a-boo cuts will hit the racks. Who says shirts are boring then?

Classic jumpsuit 


Another favorite among the not-so-girly types, the jumpsuit is now a seasonal staple that many fashion authorities consider as an easy piece for summer every year. The greatest thing about this genius piece? Jumpsuits can be worn for your morning activities and still look chic for your night out with friends. 

80’s vibe 

80’s vibe

Speaking of night out, if you’re planning one with friends, the 80’s vibe is the new ‘old’ trend that’s making a comeback this season. Nipped waist, big belts, flirty hemlines, big shoulders – those are just some trademarks of the 80’s that will make you stand out from the crowd. To complete the look, crystal earrings and stilettos are highly suggested.

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