The Look of Power

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The Look of Power

Power dressing for the modern woman

By Monica Verallo

“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.” – Steve Maraboli

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

There’s no denying that women today have taken a full swing when it comes to power. Be it in politics, business, science, or the arts –she has what it takes to excel in any field.

Even in the fashion industry, her progress is clearly seen. Many women nowadays take fashion to a whole new level that screams nothing short of authority and respect.

Fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are great examples. These three women show how power dressing, along with the right outlook and attitude, is done these days.

So for all the modern ladies out there, get inspiration from these icons and show the whole world what you’ve got.


If there’s a golden rule when it comes to power dressing, this is probably it. ALWAYS wear well-fitting, tailored clothing. Things like hemming the pants or adjusting the waistline of a blazer can make all the difference. A perfect fit piece will not only look more flattering, but it will also be more comfortable to move around with.


Speaking of blazers, this one piece is probably the easiest trick for modern power dressing. A well-fitted blazer (remember the golden rule!) will instantly smarten any outfit. Right now, the trend is matching suit sets partnered with patent pumps. Victoria Beckham shows everyone how tailored + blazer look like.

Sarah Jessica-Parker

Sarah Jessica-Parker

Luxe Fabrics

While tailored clothes are considered staple, it doesn’t mean that one has to wear them all the time. Another way to work some power dressing magic into the wardrobe is by wearing luxurious fabrics. The likes of silk and cashmere are perfect for modern power dressing. Sure, it may be a little heavier on the pocket but it will definitely feel a lot better than those cheap fibers. No wonder Sarah Jessica Parker is such a fan of silk and other lavish fabrics.


More on Sarah Jessica Parker, this fashionista may be quite flamboyant at times but she sure knows how to wear accessories. When choosing an accessory for the outfit, always keep it classy and elegant. The piece should be stylish and not too overbearing. Avoid anything that looks very costume-y. For instance, a long-beaded necklace paired with a colorful outfit look dashing – just like Sarah!

Rose Hungtington-Whiteley

Rose Hungtington-Whiteley


Black, white, and grey are considered to be the “standard colors” hence, everyone is expected to at least have one good piece of each. But apart from these basics, modern women also know how to embrace boldly-colored outfits. Red, yellow, blue – take a pick! Alternatively, try adding some color in the form of accessories like the shoes or the bag. Either way, a strong dose of color will give off a powerful statement. Clearly, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley knows how to make such statement.


Speaking of making a statement, no part of any outfit can make as much statement as the shoes. There’s a saying that shoes say a lot about a person. And it surely says a lot about power dressing. A pair of heels is an instant confidence booster. In most cases, one can’t go wrong with a pair of classic black shoes. For extra oomph, opt for ones with more pointed heels. Of course, a little experiment with different shoe style is always allowed. Just always choose those that spell comfort + style.


One can follow all the tips mentioned above but without confidence, it’s not going to work out. Being confident is a major part in exuding power and authority. Fashion icons, world leaders, business tycoons – what all these modern women have in common is that self-assurance that no amount of (tailored) clothing can ever match. So always wear that confident vibe and never ever leave it anywhere.

There are plenty of ways to dress like a powerful modern woman. But the real key is, apart from confidence, is the love and appreciation for oneself. What makes a modern woman different from years ago is the fact that she has now realized her value and she knows that her contributions to society have made a big change. These realizations are the ones that truly make her powerful.

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