The Single Girl’s Guide to Enjoying Life

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people-2577495_960_720   By: Alexa Villano

Beautiful, driven, and empowered – that is the modern woman. This comes at a price as more career-oriented women stay single. If the dating game is beginning to feel tragic, stop. Dating should be fun, Zen loves! While the right one looks for a way into your life, here are  10 ways you can enjoy your solo act.

  1. Spend time with the family
    Your family will always be there for you and that is a fact. Take your parents out to a simple lunch or dinner. Take your siblings shopping or just hand-out with them one quiet Sunday afternoon to catch up. Nothing beats bonding with the people who love you.
  2. Meet new peoplepexels-photo-573565
    Just because you choose to enjoy your single life doesn’t mean you can’t meet new friends. Go to clubs or try new activities where you can meet new people. Who knows, you might meet that one in your adventures.
  3. Make a bucket listthe-bucket-list-734593_960_720
    Being single gives you the opportunity to try new things. At the gym, try joining dance classes instead of running alone on the treadmill. If you’ve always wanted to cook like a pro, join a cooking class. Make a bucket list of things you want to do. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Travel alonetourist-3034473_960_720Traveling alone allows you to be independent and gives you the opportunity to do soul-searching. This also gives you the opportunity to interact with different cultures and test your street smarts.
  5. Go on a blind date
    If your friends set you up on a blind date, go and meet up with the person. It might lead to something more.
  6. Make art
    Get creative. Dying to take that painting class or learn pottery? Enroll in classes that will unleash your imagination. You’ll be surprised at what your hands can make.
  7. Save and invest money
    Save money and make smart investments. Learn about stocks and bonds. Buy a piece of land and build your dream home.
  8. Trust your gut
    When have choices in life been guaranteed? That new job offer or investment could be your life’s best decision yet. Are you willing to take the risk? Your instincts can help you. If you have a gut feeling, learn to trust your gut and jump into life’s crazy uncertainties.
  9. Go back to school
    You’ve graduated from college and got the job of your dreams. So what? Learning is a never ending process/ Go back to school and gain more knowledge, a post graduate degree can give your credentials a surprising boost.
  10. Love yourself
    In order to love others, you have to learn to love yourself. Even if you choose to be single, a woman with little self-love can never attract people who will be the positive change in their life.

Single hood is not a curse. It’s all about timing and enjoying YOUR life. Live!


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